Since mid-May 2010, when KB Spořicí konto Bonus [KB Bonus Saving Account] was launched, 20,288 clients have opened this account, and they have deposited a total of CZK 17.1 billion in them to grow the value of their savings. Moreover, the demand for this account continues to increase. It did not even slacken in the Christmas season when people generally tend to spend rather than save.

“Last year, we registered clients’ greatest demand for KB Spořicí konto Bonus in November and December. At that time, 6,912 clients opened this account with KB,” said Radko Belada, Head of Retail Marketing at Komerční banka. The high demand for this account did not slow down in early 2011 either; 4,395 clients opened this account in January. One of the success factors of KB Spořicí konto Bonus is the stable growth in value that it provides. Since this product was launched, the interest rate has not been changed.

KB Spořicí konto Bonus is one of the first products in respect of which Komerční banka started to apply its new MojeOdměny [MyRewards] concept. Thanks to it, clients obtain a bonus interest, which is credited to their account every calendar half-year, in addition to standard interest. The bonus is calculated from the lowest balance that clients have in their account in the period under review. At the same time, the amount deposited in KB Spořicí konto Bonus is not limited.

“KB Spořicí konto Bonus provides clients with instant access to their money while rewarding them for their loyalty. Our objective is also not to prevent the growth in value for higher balances. For this reason, we do not apply the principle of the so-called ‘tiered interest rate’ to KB Spořicí konto Bonus,” added Radko Belada. In the second half of 2010, a total of CZK 17.2 million was paid to holders of KB Spořicí konto Bonus.

Komerční banka is one of the best run universal banks in Central Europe. It provides comprehensive services to clients in the areas of retail, corporate, and investment banking. The Komerční banka Group’s 8,624 employees serve 2.7 million clients, who can use an extensive network of 395 points of sale throughout the country. Komerční banka currently operates 676 ATMs and 989,000 of its clients use one of direct banking channels.

Komerční banka is part of the Société Générale Group, one of the largest banking groups in the euro zone (in terms of market capitalisation), whose 157,000 employees serve more than 32 million individual clients worldwide.