The development of the life insurance products plays a very important role in the strategy and in the new business model of KB which KB prepares with the cooperation of its majority shareholder - Société Générale.

Komerční banka will fully support Komerční pojišťovna with it strong capital base and in the area of the sale of its products in its whole business network. "I can confirm that development of the sale of insurance products plays very important role in the KB's strategy. We are planning to broaden current products portfolio which are popular mostly abroad and with which SoGe has huge experiences," said chairman of the board and CEO of KB, Alexis Juan.

Common strategy of KB and SoGe is based on strong financial and capital position of the both banks on the markets.

  Equity Stock market
KB 20,2 bn. CZK 35,5 bn. CZK
Société Générale 16,9 bn. EUR 28 bn. EUR