Komerční banka’s co-operation with Benzina, launched half a year ago and offering Kreditní karta pro podnikatele [Business Credit Card] holders a discount of 2.2% at Benzina fuel filling stations, has met with clients’ great interest. More than 1,000 card transactions are made every month and the cardholders have saved a quarter of a million Czech crowns on the whole to date.

Komerční banka and Benzina extended their co-operation in business payment cards on 1 April 2012. Business Credit Card holders have thus been given an opportunity to receive a discount of 2.2% when they use their cards for paying for fuels in Benzina’s network of fuel filling stations. Clients have been attracted to this combination of a payment instrument, credit, and a discount programme, and more than 1,000 transactions to which the discount is applicable are being made every month. To date, KB’s clients have therefore saved approximately a quarter of a million Czech crowns in their purchases at fuel filling stations. Given the continuously rising fuel prices, there is no question that this is an attractive benefit which business credit card owners have received. In addition, card holders  need not ask the station operator to grant the discount; it will be automatically deducted upon payment using their credit cards, and then shown on the receipt.

We are delighted that we have been able to offer businesses a product that provides them with a financial reserve, and also helps them pay for goods and services easily and save money,” said Michal Pánek, Manager of Segment Management - Retail

Business Credit Card is an international embossed card intended for natural persons who own a business, legal entities, housing cooperatives and condominiums. The card offers all standard services in the area of payments, and also the option of up to CZK 200,000 credit, which can be drawn without any interest payments for up to 45 days.