On 1 March 2012, Komerční banka’s new special offer will bring a major cut in the cost of mortgage loans with longer fixed-rate periods. Thanks to rates reduced to as low as 3.49% for five-year fixed-rate periods and waiver of the loan processing fee, KB’s clients can save up to tens of thousands of crowns over the time for which they pay their mortgage.

All clients who opt for fixed-rate periods of five or more years, file an application for a mortgage loan by 31 March 2012, and sign the mortgage loan agreement by 15 May 2012, will receive the mortgage loan from Komerční banka without the processing fee.

Clients can also use all the benefits of Flexibilní hypotéka [Flexible Mortgage Loan]:

  • the option of deferring the beginning of repayment by up to 12 months
  • the option of reducing the monthly instalment by up to 50% at any time
  • the option of interrupting repayment for up to 3 months
  • the option of recurrent extraordinary instalments of up to 20% of the loan

Komerční banka was the first bank in the Czech market to offer clients, through Flexibilní hypotéka, above-standard freedom in payments helping to adjust payments to the clients’ needs at any time.

Thanks to Hypotéka 2v1 [Mortgage Loan Two in One], Komerční banka’s clients can use one loan for financing all investments related to the purchase, construction or refurbishment of a property and also investments in household furnishings and for other necessary expenses.

“The current offer reaches out to clients who want to use the lowest ever interest rates on the mortgage market, and so fix low monthly instalments for five or more years. The superior services provided by relationship managers to clients are a matter of course at Komerční banka. They can obtain, for example, property valuation or the ownership title certificate from the land registry at a single point and without any unnecessary paperwork,” concludes Pavel Filipi, Head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.