Komerční banka has accepted its new head office building, situated in Stodůlky in Prague. With a total square area of 17,000 sq m, it has been built in a new municipal district, CITY WEST, which is being developed. The building is an environmentally-friendly structure featuring low environmental impacts.

The new building is the fourth building of Komerční banka’s head office, the other three are at Na Příkopě, Václavské náměstí and Vysočanská. In addition to first-class office space, the new head office building will provide the employees of Komerční banka, Factoring KB and Penzijní fond KB with a broad range of services and relaxation zones. A new branch of the bank, a refreshment shop for the employees and a cafeteria, and some more services are also part of the building.

Moving to the new building in Stodůlky will help us reduce the number of currently used buildings from 11 to 4. Throughout the process we have taken our employees, for whom the transfer is a major change, into consideration as much as possible. In addition to a questionnaire survey and active communication, we also invited them to help select the interior furnishings and colour tones for each of the zones. Our employees’ comfort and satisfaction is crucial for us,” says Henri Bonnet, Komerční banka Chairman and CEO.

For us, the City West project is a conformation of the right direction in the development of office buildings. Komerční banka’s new building is one of the first in Prague to hold a BREEAM certificate for low environmental impact buildings. It is therefore beneficial in relation to the environment, and it also brings operating expenditure savings for the future tenant,” explains Tomáš Pardubický, FINEP CEO.

The new building for Komerční banka is one of the major projects completed by VCES in 2012. The project was successfully handed over to the client in time. VCES has confirmed its ability to propose and carry out innovative technical solutions and, thanks to its close co-operation with the client, to obtain a BREEAM certificate at the VERY GOOD level,” adds Ludovic Duplan, Geographical Director for Central Europe of Bouygues Bâtiment International and member of the Board of Directors of VCES a.s.

The Komerční banka building extends the successful CITY WEST project, which is becoming the fastest-growing administrative and residential district in Prague and which is also one of the three most important office localities in the capital. The centre received an award in the Best of Realty competition in 2010. Approximately 3,500 people currently work in CITY WEST; once Komerční banka’s new head office building is put into operation, this number will rise by an additional 1,200 people.

For more information please contact:

Monika Klucová, Spokesperson, Komerční banka
+420 955 532 132, e-mail: monika_klucova@kb.cz

Pavla Temrová, PR Manager and Spokesperson, FINEP
+420 224 475 053, +420 602 306045, e-mail: pavla.temrova@finep.cz

Vladimír Ujec, PR Manager, VCES
+420 495 091 123, +420 602 176 163, e-mail: vladimir.ujec@vces.cz