Komerční banka has prepared an innovated website for its clients. An evaluation of long-term experience with users’ behaviour at www.kb.cz was the basis for the modifications, which will improve users’ orientation on the website and give them faster routes to the information they require.

Since the profound redesign and restructuring of its website in October 2010, Komerční banka has continuously worked on its further development. Thus, among other things, users’ behaviour has been monitored since the launch of the innovated website. Thanks to this, Komerční banka is very well aware of what users prefer, what they want to know, and where ambiguities may occur.

The changes incorporated on the basis of users’ behaviour are primarily visible in the home page at www.kb.cz and also in the segment access pages. Attention was mainly devoted to a clearer structure in which current offers are presented, easier work with calculators, and faster transfer to the key parts and functions of the website.

The on-line environment is fast and highly competitive. Clients must be approached almost immediately after logging in; otherwise, they usually leave the website. With websites as extensive in terms of information as Komerční banka’s web pages, the meeting of this condition is a very complicated task. Users’ suggestions are therefore crucial for us, and we build all changes on them,” explains David Horák, Komerční banka’s webmaster.

FG Forrest, an internet agency, has carried out the modifications and created the whole website.

I regard the changes as a step in the right direction and I am pleased to see that also thanks to the excellent co-operation with the client we were able, in a relatively short time from project completion, to identify the weaknesses of the original concept, propose suitable solutions and bring the website closer to the users’ expectations by means of relatively simple modifications,” adds Petr Foltýn, Chief Project Manager at FG Forrest.

Komerční banka’s website is one of the few large corporate websites to be optimised for users with visual and motor disadvantages.