Komerční banka and Visa Europe will launch contactless mobile payments for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets in mid-2012, using the iCarte accessory from Wireless Dynamics. The service is being launched in response to the rising popularity of iPhones, including the latest 4S model, which is very apparent in the Czech Republic.

It will be possible to use the telephones for making payments wherever Visa contactless cards are accepted. iPhone users can simply attach the Wireless Dynamics iCarte accessory to their iPhone and download the companion Visa Mobile application for iCarte App from the App Store. The iCarte accessory contains an antenna and an embedded Secure Element where the Visa mobile card is safely stored.  This “card”, in turn, works with an app from the App Store to enable payments on the iPhone. Once the Visa mobile card is activated, consumers can start making purchases by simply launching the app and touching their iPhone on any contactless-enabled point of sale terminal across Europe, without the need to enter their PIN*.

Komerční banka** will supply its customers with the NFC add-on accessories for iPhones.

In the first half of 2012, Komerční banka will also launch a direct banking service for iPhone mobile phones and telephones with the Android operating system. Owners of iPhones who will install the new mobile banking functionality in their handsets will be able to check, right in their handset, the transactions that they have made using “the card in the mobile”.

“This new service will be prepared not only for Komerční banka’s current clients, who will have the opportunity to use an iCarte accessory to associate their existing current account with their iPhone, but also new clients who do not yet have a current account at Komerční banka. Payments through the iCarte accessory work in the same way as conventional payment cards directly associated with the current account. Clients will therefore obtain a unique comprehensive mobile solution: management of their bank accounts and fast contactless payments using an iPhone,” says Pavel Filipi, Head of Marketing Retail at Komerční banka.

Marcel Gajdoš from Visa Europe adds: “We are very pleased to be supporting Komerční banka in this mobile services rollout. Mobile contactless payment has received a very positive response in the trials we’ve conducted across Europe and we’re looking forward to bringing its potential to customers in the Czech Republic.”

Handsets equipped with a payment card and the direct banking functionality will therefore become a universal tool that will make payments more convenient for KB’s clients and save the time that they spend managing their personal finance when travelling or holidaying.

The Wireless Dynamics iCarte accessory is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on iOS 4.0 or higher. It has been fully VISA certified. It will be possible to use mobile phones for payments with all payment terminals that accept VISA contactless payment cards in the Czech Republic and abroad. These terminals already are available at, for example, selected shops of the Globus hypermarket, Freshbar Mangaloo bars, and Paul bakeries. The network of contactless payment terminals will expand rapidly during 2012.

* The card is fitted with a security measure of an aggregate limit for contactless transactions, which is automatically re-set once your PIN is entered. Periodically cardholders will be asked for their PIN to ensure that the card remains with the genuine owner. A PIN may also be required for higher value purchases.
** A limited edition in pilot operation.