As from 25 April 2012, Komerční banka accepts the Chinese association UnionPay’s payment cards as the first bank in the Czech Republic to do so. UnionPay cards are among the most widespread payment cards in China. The entire network of 698 ATMs operated by KB accepts the cards.

“The Chinese economy’s global influence is also positively reflected in the purchasing power of China’s population. The growth in the number of visitors headed for the Czech Republic is also associated with this. I believe that the opportunity to use UnionPay payment cards in Komerční banka’s network of ATMs will make their stay in our country much easier,” says Pavel Filipi, head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.

In 2010 alone, some 80,000 visitors arrived in the Czech Republic from China according to available statistics. More than 2.3 billion UnionPay cards have been issued. Thanks to the acceptance of the payment cards issued by the Chinese association UnionPay, these visitors can now also rely on their payment cards when visiting the Czech Republic. Komerční banka is therefore the first bank in the Czech Republic to accept this payment card brand. All of KB’s ATMs will bear the UnionPay logo.

By extending the range of the cards accepted in its ATM network, KB follows up on its earlier innovations in payment card acceptance. This includes in particular merchants’ option of using other currencies, euro, US dollar, UK pound sterling and Russian rouble, in addition to the Czech crown for card payments. The service is available for payment terminals in brick-and-mortar shops and also in the e-shop environment.