Komerční banka has launched a number of direct banking innovations. Payments using QR codes for mobile phones are among the most attractive new features: the client simply scans the code using his camera phone, the application converts it into a pre-completed payment order, and the client then only confirms its transmission. In this way, payment orders can be executed in a matter of seconds.

Komerční banka is the first bank on the Czech market to introduce QR code support. The use of these codes has been enabled by the standardisation of the form of the codes within the Czech Banking Association.

Introducing QR code support in banking is hot news. Their massive use will mainly depend on how quickly invoice issuers will start placing them on their payment documents. Talks with major e-shops, telecoms, and other service providers, are therefore under way already now,” says Mojmír Prokop, head of Direct Banking at Komerční banka.

For example, smarty.cz, an e-shop, already makes it possible to make QR code payments.

Another major innovation is also related to Mobilní banka, which is offered free of charge to clients: clients can now send payments via their smart phone to any account from the telephone that the client selects (up to now, it has only been possible to make payments to accounts that the user authorised in the MojeBanka online application in advance). An attractive new capability is the addition of a functionality called Pension Reform in Mobile Phone, which “translates” the pension reform into a simple and understandable form for clients. Another new functionality, MojeKarta in Mobile Phone, will make it possible for users to create, quickly and easily, their own design of payment cards issued by Komerční banka.

The new method for paying post money orders from mobile phones is also a major new capability. 

The Mobilní banka user will simply scan the post money order by his camera phone and have it automatically converted into a payment order. The application will prepare the payment order and the client will only confirm the execution of the payment,” adds Mojmír Prokop.

All of Komerční banka’s direct banking applications are now Windows 8 compatible.

New users of the MojeBanka and MojeBanka Business applications will appreciate the first login wizard. The wizard will now take care of the settings in the user’s PC almost automatically, and the first run of Komerční banka’s internet banking apps is therefore very easy and intuitive.