Komerční banka is the first bank in the Czech Republic to offer iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users, through a limited edition of iKarta, the opportunity to use contactless payments at all POS terminals that accept this method of payment. Thus, KB continues to extend and improve its offer of contactless payment products and services.

iKarta is composed of a Wireless Dynamics add-on accessory [a case] for Apple iPhones 4 and 4S, which contains an NFC antenna and an integrated Secure Element, in which the mobile Visa card is securely held. Further, iKarta comprises the KB Karta iOS application for contactless payments and transaction tracking and the Mobilní banka iOS application for the other basic needs of banking services.

iPhone 4 and 4S users will simply attach the add-on accessory to their handset and download the Visa KB iKarta application from App Store, and can start paying immediately. The Mobilní banka application will then also enable them to keep track of their bank account, make fast payments to other accounts, and, for example, find the nearest ATM. iKarta costs CZK 1,500, while the KB iKarta and Mobilní banka applications are available free of charge at App Store. The period of validity for iKarta is 3 years.

Clients can obtain the limited edition of iKarta at www.kb.cz/iKarta or directly at Komerční banka’s two branches in Prague and Brno. After activating the mobile Visa card in their handsets, clients can begin shopping simply by starting the KB iKarta application and holding their handset near the POS terminal that accepts contactless cards. For payments of up to CZK 500, they need not waste their time by entering the PIN code,” says Petr Polák, Head of Means of Payment at Komerční banka.

The popularity of the contactless payment technology is growing rapidly, mainly thanks to its speed and ease and the possibilities of integration within other carriers than the traditional card. Contactless POS terminals are available at, for example, selected shops of the Globus hypermarket, Freshbar Mangaloo bars, Paul bakeries, and many others, and their number is continuously rising.

For more information about contactless payments via iPhones please visit www.kb.cz/iKarta.