On 16 April 2012, Komerční banka starts to offer, in co-operation with Komerční pojišťovna, a new product in the segment of term life insurance – a payment protection insurance policy for Profi Loans. With the help of this policy clients can arrange for coverage of unpropitious situations in life for themselves and their families.

This supplementary life policy for Profi Loans is intended for self-employed persons and covers the risks of long-term incapacity for work, full invalidity, and death. The monthly premium is 0.1% of the total volume of the loan. The policy is not conditional on a health questionnaire.

“Insurance of their ability to honour their obligations even in the case of unexpected situations in life is accepted by clients very positively. We are therefore glad to be able to offer another option for minimising such risks,” said Pavel Filipi, head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.

Clients who want to take out this policy must be 18 to 60 years old. The sum of the entry age and the term of the policy must not be more than 62 years. The common limit on compensation for any and all claims under insurance policies covering full invalidity and death of the life insured is CZK 2,500,000.

More detailed information about insurance options is available at free information line 800 521 521, from relationship managers and at www.kb.cz.