As of the launch of the programme MojeOdměny, Komerční banka has paid more than a quarter of billion CZK in bonuses to its clients. In the Czech Republic, a unique conception of the price policy enables the clients to acquire financial bonuses for using standard banking services.

“The programme MojeOdměny noticed a huge upswing last year. At the end of 2010, only a few thousand clients reached the bonuses, while now we pay bonuses to more than half a million of clients“, said Jozef Ryšavý, Head of Marketing Planning.

The bonuses are interesting for a wide range of clients, in which they are really attractive, for example, for married couples. According to Komerční banka’s survey, 65% of clients prefer that husband and wife have their own accounts. Therefore, Komerční banka has prepared the Program Rodina – when husband and wife may have separate accounts but they can mutually help each other to acquire bonuses and get half of the charges back in the form of bonuses.

“The Program Rodina offers all necessary bank service for two and moreover, thanks to the bonuses paid to clients, an ancient partnership dilemma, whether husband and wife are to have their individual accounts and pay two sets of charges or to choose only one joint account, is fading away. In Komerční banka, they may simply have two accounts for the price of one”, added Jiří Kvítek, Head of Segment Management, Individuals.

MojeOdměny may be acquired in Komerční banka not only by individual clients but also by entrepreneurs, companies and municipalities. From the overall CZK 270 million, Komerční banka has already paid CZK 50 million to them in bonuses.

The programme MojeOdměny is based on an idea that the client may influence the amount of bonuses received from the bank by their own activity. “Therefore, Komerční banka within the frame of its price policy gratifies such behaviour of clients which is comfortable for them and at the same time optimal in terms of costs for the bank“, added Jozef Ryšavý.