In its branch on Václavské náměstí in Prague, Komerční banka displays Antonín Kratochvíl’s exclusive photographs. The acknowledgement of Antonín Kratochvíl’s work by the American Photo magazine in 1999, which included this artist among the 100 most prominent personalities of the world photography, bears out the unique nature of the display.

Holding this exhibition in the bank’s branch is part of Komerční banka’s long-term support for unique art projects. The photographs will be displayed from 2 November 2012 to 31 January 2013 during the bank’s normal opening hours.

As part of the opening ceremony held on 1 November 2012, an auction of the displayed photographs was organised. Proceeds from the auction, amounting to CZK 32,000, have been donated to the Nadace KB Jistota foundation.

Antonín Kratochvíl’s unique portraits and pictures from the field deserve a unique venue for display. Komerční banka’s branch on Václavské náměstí is a busy place with its history and unique atmosphere, where in our opinion the spirit of the photographs will be tangibly prominent,” said Kateřina Šušáková Deputy Executive Director for Marketing, Communication and Business Development KB.

Portraying life behind the Iron Curtain and after its fall, Antonín Kratochvíl’s photographs reflect the reality of the present and of the past. In his work, the author portrays famous and unknown personalities, depicts places afflicted by armed conflicts, and records the genocide in Zaire and Rwanda, refugees in Bosnia and Afghanistan, AIDS victims, and drug dealers.

Photographs with somewhat different themes will also accompany Komerční banka’s clients in some other branches. They are based on Komerční banka’s “Partnership Matters” project and offer a glimpse of the environment at the partners that the bank supports.

Thanks to the excellent co-operation between Komerční banka and Antonín Kratochvíl, these photographs depict the everyday life and work of the organisations that the bank supports. In this way, we would like to appreciate their day-to-day commitment and emphasise the fact that Komerční banka’s sponsorship centres primarily on building long-term partnerships,” adds Kateřina Šušáková.