Komerční banka now has more than 700 ATMs in place. In the first half of this year, cardholders made almost 15 million cash withdrawals from KB’s ATMs, totalling CZK 59 billion and accounting for almost 19% of the cash withdrawn from all ATMs in the Czech Republic.

The increase in the number of ATMs is not the only new development; clients can now use the Oblíbený výběr [Favourite Withdrawal] function. The new function will be available throughout KB’s ATM network before the end of this year.

Clients’ satisfaction and comfort are some of our main objectives. Thanks to the Oblíbený výběr function, clients need not repeatedly key the relevant details into the ATM for every withdrawal. It is enough to select the Oblíbený výběr function and the ATM will dispense the amount of cash preset by the client. At the same time the ATM will know whether or not the client requires a receipt. The considerable acceleration of the whole withdrawal transaction will certainly be appreciated by many clients,” said Jana Švábenská, Executive Director Operations at Komerční banka.

Komerční banka’s ATMs have a sophisticated system for selecting banknotes by their nominal value. In the case of up to CZK 5,000 withdrawals, the ATM will not dispense CZK 2,000 banknotes but will automatically also dispense banknotes of lower values. For example, when a cardholder withdraws CZK 2,500, he will receive two CZK 1,000 and one CZK 500 banknotes. When withdrawing CZK 3,000, he will receive three CZK 1,000 banknotes. 

Almost 200 of Komerční banka’s ATMs also dispense CZK 200 banknotes. These ATMs are usually installed near schools, reflecting the youngest cardholders’ needs,” adds Jana Švábenská.

KB’s ATMs are mainly used by Czech cardholders. Foreigners have made approximately 3%, in summer 4%, of the total number of transactions. Czechs withdraw CZK 4,460 and foreigners CZK 3,830 on average from Komerční banka’s ATMs.