Komerční pojišťovna closed 2011 with single-premium policies written at a total of CZK 5.78 billion in life assurance, and is the leader among insurance companies in this area of the insurance market for the third year in a row.

Statistics of the Czech Insurance Association (ČAP) show that for the 4th quarter of 2011, Komerční pojišťovna placed tenth in the life segment. However, the overall position and the market share held by each of the insurance companies on the life market have been significantly influenced by a change of ČAP’s statistical reporting methodology. On the basis of a decision adopted by the Presidium of the Czech Insurance Association, life assurance statistics now include only 10% of the total value written for single premium policies.

With its market share of 9.5% and written premium totalling CZK 6.6 billion, Komerční pojišťovna would rank fifth in life assurance under the reporting scheme that has been in place so far.

“Komerční banka, which successfully offers and sells life products that constantly enjoy continuously increasing demand on the part of clients, has contributed the lion’s share to these results and great thanks are due to the bank,” says Stéphane Corbet, Komerční pojišťovna Chairman, adding: “The sale of insurance products by the bank brings a number of advantages for the clients: the insurance products suitably complement conventional banking services, and clients receive comprehensive financial and advisory services at a single point.”

Komerční pojišťovna has been achieving excellent results mainly thanks to its offering of competitive products that provide clients with above-average growth in value despite the unstable situation on financial markets.