In co-operation with Komerční banka, on 6 February 2012 Komerční pojišťovna started to offer the opportunity to invest, as part of its Vital Invest insurance policies, in Zajištěný fond Optimo Komodity. This fund guarantees clients 100% return of their invested money on the day of maturity. The overall yield for clients is not limited in any way and in the event of the underlying commodity indexes increasing the yield can therefore climb to very attractive values.

Zajištěný fond Optimo Komodity follows up on the successful series of the Forte and Optimo guaranteed funds, which Komerční pojišťovna and Komerční banka first launched in late 2009. Altogether more than CZK 4.2 billion was subscribed in the preceding ten tranches of these guaranteed funds.

“Through Zajištěný  fond Optimo Komodity we have decided to offer clients an opportunity to benefit from the growth of commodity markets in this period of strong volatility in equity markets,” said William-Hans Chonier, Head of the Development and Marketing Section of Komerční pojišťovna, adding: “We believe that diversification to various types of commodities will be attractive for clients, as also the fact that overall yield is not limited in any way.”

Zajištěný fond Optimo Komodity offers an investment strategy suitable for both new and current clients who prefer a medium- to long-term investment horizon and are aware of the growth potential of commodity prices on financial markets, and at the same time do not like to take risk when they decide to grow the value of their money. The fund’s performance derives from the performance of the underlying commodity indexes combined with proactive volatility management. The subscription period is from 6 February to 4 May 2012 (or until the tranche is sold out).

Vital Invest combines investment with life assurance. Clients themselves decide on whether their Vital Invest policy will be more of an insurance product or more of an investment. In respect of the insurance component, Vital Invest offers four different options for the scope of the cover in the event of death of the life assured, depending on the extent to which the client wants to provide for his family and other close persons.