Komerční pojišťovna has been named the Insurance Company in the Czech Republic for 2012 by World Finance, a prestigious economic magazine, in its international awards.

Komerční pojišťovna placed first ahead of Czech insurance companies in the rating of the prestigious magazine World Finance’s international expert jury, which mainly appreciated Komerční pojišťovna’s business model; combined with the backing provided by the Société Générale Group and the broad-ranging co-operation within the whole Société Générale Group in the Czech Republic, the model makes it possible to bring its clients innovative services and professional solutions.

Individual projects such as improving risk underwriting by Komerční pojišťovna, the Quality Management System, and the Customer Relationship Management system were also regarded very favourably. Last but not least, Komerční pojišťovna’s ability to generate for its clients, on a long-term basis, very attractive and sustainable yields on saving products, which outperform the inflation level on a regular basis, was also positively assessed.

“We are pleased by World Finance’s recognition in particular because it is an independent confirmation of Komerční pojišťovna as a strong and reliable partner for our clients, who can expect professional services and highly competitive products from us. It also confirms that the business model of bank insurance was the right decision for Komerční pojišťovna and also rewards our key trade partner, Komerční banka, for its endeavours dedicated to making this model a success,” said Stéphane Corbet, Komerční pojišťovna’s Chairman and CEO.