More than 200,000 clients have opened MůjÚčet [My Account] at Komerční banka over the year and a half of the existence of this account. The package also contains the unique MojeOdměny [My Rewards] scheme, thanks to which clients receive account keeping completely free of charge and a number of other benefits. An innovation is the debit version of the popular Lady Card with an attractive discount scheme.

For an attractive price, MůjÚčet offers all that clients need for managing their personal finances: a CZK current account with monthly electronic statements, an international embossed payment card with travel insurance, any of the direct banking channels, and all incoming transactions in CZK free of charge. In addition to the basic services, MůjÚčet can be extended to include KB Spořicí konto Bonus [KB Bonus Saving Account] or the Merlin payment card insurance.

MůjÚčet is also integrated with the unique MojeOdměny scheme, which helps clients recoup up to 100% of the account keeping fee. A more advantageous configuration of the MůjÚčet package is ready for families and senior citizens. In addition, when the payment card is used for payments at merchants the fees for all withdrawals from KB’s ATMs using a debit card can also be recouped.

Every active client involved in the MojeOdměny scheme currently recoups CZK 55 per month on average in account keeping fees and withdrawals from KB’s ATMs, or gains up to CZK 2,000 per year in bonus interest on a saving account. On the whole, KB rewards approximately 500,000 clients every month.

The latest innovation is the unique Embossed Card featuring the Lady design, which is part of the MůjÚčet package and offers the standard payments functions of KB’s debit cards and travel insurance. In addition, it supports the use of the attractive discount scheme intended primarily for women. Details of the discount catalogue can be found at

MůjÚčet is the flagship of KB’s offering for retail clients. In addition, its unique parameters are enhanced by the MojeOdměny scheme. Not only the number of opened accounts but also the number of active clients whom we reward illustrates the popularity of this product,” said Michal Pánek, Manager of Segment Management - Retail.