The new generation of the MojeBanka online banking application attracted more than 20,000 new users in July and August. Altogether more than 907,000 clients are therefore currently using the MojeBanka application. Launched in June 2012, the application has a new appearance and functions, and also unique connection to the Mobilní banka mobile banking application.

Clients can extensively adjust the new MojeBanka application to their own needs and preferences. The key benefit is simple and intuitive operation. All clients can easily adjust the appearance of the application on their own with a view to meeting their needs as best as possible and to making it as convenient as possible for the operations they make over the internet. All key information and functions are accessible from the homepage, i.e., one click away.

MojeBanka is the most robust and most widely used application of its kind on the Czech market. During the summer holidays alone, it had to handle 9.1 million active logins, with users entering 5.8 million transactions,” said Mojmír Prokop, manager of Direct Channels at KB.

A major change is the interconnection between MojeBanka and Mobilní banka. Clients will also see the default settings and preferences that they have set up in their internet banking application in the banking application they use on their mobile phones.

In addition to everyday operations and settings, in the new MojeBanka application clients can apply for consumer loan and credit cards online. Contracts can also be signed via the internet at Komerční banka, and clients therefore do not even have to go to a branch. The application also maintains the opportunity, unique on the Czech market, to plan meetings with relationship managers directly via the internet banking channel, including the storing of the details in the relationship manager’s working diary.