Komerční banka launched the Videobankéř [Video Banker] service. Those who want to open an account or obtain a credit card can use this service to contact relationship managers on-line; they will recommend the best product and help to complete the application form. No special software or arrangements for the time of the virtual meeting in advance are needed for using the service.

Video Bankers will help with account opening and credit card arrangements at https://www.kb-online.cz. Individuals can make on-line arrangements for the advantageous MůjÚčet packages, G2.2 student accounts, and the Lady Card and A Card credit cards. Businesses can apply on-line for the opening of Profi Accounts or accounts for depositing the registered capital of companies that are in the process of establishment.

Video Bankers provide consultations to clients via audio and video (web camera) channels, and a chat interface. Video Bankers also share with clients the on-line form to be completed when applying for an account or card. Video Bankers are ready to select the best product with the client and answer any questions about the offering of KB’s products.

In terms of its scope and comfort, the Video Banker service is unique on the Czech market. Those who are interested in Komerční banka’s services can have fully-fledged visual communication with a relationship manager in the comfort of their home or office. They can consult on their needs with a skilled expert who knows Komerční banka’s banking products very well,” says Pavel Filipi, Head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.

It is very easy to contact a Video Banker. The client only pushes a button and is connected to a Video Banker automatically. There is no need to install any additional software, register, or book a virtual meeting in advance. The service is available on workdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and during weekends between 10 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

Komerční banka’s clients can also contact a Video Banker at any time when they are completing an on-line form to apply for a product. If they come across a problem, have a question, or otherwise do not know what to do next, a Video Banker can take over the form the client is filling in and finalise its completion. The client can continuously see the details that the Video Banker is filling,” Jaroslav Čech, a Director of iCORD International s.r.o., the company that, in cooperation with system integrator Profinit company, has supplied the technical solution for this service to Komerční banka.