KB has developed a new solution for mobile phones and tablets with Android. The application supports, for example, multi-tier payment authorisation and management of multiple companies’ accounts. Mobilní banka Business is one of the most important banking innovations of 2015.

Komerční banka continues to expand Mobilní banka Business, a new generation of its mobile banking application. Following the version intended for handsets and tablets with iOS, which was launched in December 2015, a new version is being launched for users of devices with Android.

“We have been surprised by our business clients’ extreme demand for the innovative banking application for Apple phones, which we launched at the end of 2015. With its functionalities, clarity and user friendliness, Mobilní banka Business has transformed ordinary smart phones into a fully-fledged alternative to computers in finance management; almost 1,300 firms already appreciate this. Following the adjustment of the application to Android, we now expect another surge in demand on the part of our clients,” said Mojmír Prokop, Distribution Channels and Customer Intelligence manager at KB.

In addition to the standard functions such as an instant overview of balances, entering and sending payments in CZK, including the option of payment order scanning using QR codes, viewing all types of accounts (current, savings, term and credit accounts), history of all accounts and, not least, complete management of payment order templates, this new version offers additional practical options for use. Examples include the above-mentioned multi-tier authorisation of all payments previously readied in the MojeBanka, MojeBanka Business, Profibanka and Přímý kanál online banking applications (payments, batch payments, payments with an individual FX rate), complete overview of multiple entities’ (companies’) accounts, automatic display of notifications directly in the handset or tablet of payments ready for authorisation, etc.

Information sharing with online banking and very easy, understandable and intuitive operation are a matter of course. Komerční banka’s new application, Mobilní banka Business, can be easily downloaded in the Czech and English versions at Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). In 2016, this service will be expanded to include devices with Windows Mobile 10 and Windows 10.