KB’s new website at www.kb.cz is structured by products and easier to navigate. The structure and content of the website have been adjusted to the rising number of users accessing it from mobile devices. The purpose of the new design is to enhance the users’ comfort and to support sales.

Komerční banka’s redesigned website fully complements and significantly broadens online sales of its key products, which constitute the substantive and most visible part of the home page. Larger space for social networks and for the partners that Komerční banka supports, such as the National Theatre and the National Gallery in Prague, are also the new website’s characteristic feature.

“I would like to highlight two fundamental innovations in addition to the excellent graphics. First of all, the new structure by products, which helps website visitors to select what they really want and need. Visitors no longer have to identify the segment within which they are categorised and only then look for the best solution. The other innovation is the automatic optimisation of the display for all types of devices. It is now equally comfortable to view our website in computers, mobile phones and tablets,” said Kateřina Šušáková, Deputy Executive Director for Communication and Marketing at KB.

FG Forrest, an internet agency, has designed and implemented the website. “Our assignment was to modernise the website in terms of graphics and to adjust display to the options available in the users’ target devices. A number of people use mobile devices now, and one of the most important modifications was therefore designing the website for users to be able to view it anywhere and at any time,” explains Radovan Jelen, FG Forrest Director.