Prague, 19 January 2017 – Komerční banka has started to provide services under an exceptional advisory scheme, KB Advisory Point, to its corporate clients. Working with renowned consultancies, M.C.Triton and Grant Thornton Advisory, it offers company owners and managers expert views of the operation of their companies, including suggestions of specific solutions for improving their competitiveness. Komerční banka holds the largest share of corporate banking on a long-term basis.

“Our objective is to support Komerční banka’s clients in their business through professional analyses and specific advice that will help them develop their business successfully and improve their competitiveness significantly. The guarantee of the high quality of this new service provided by KB is the involvement of experienced companies, M.C.Triton and Grant Thornton Advisory, some of the best consultancies in the Czech Republic. I want to emphasise that the outputs from advisory projects are confidential. They are owned only by the client and the bank does not have access to them without the client’s consent,”said Albert Le Dirac’h, Komerční banka Chairman and CEO.

As part of the new KB Advisory Point service, Komerční banka’s clients will not only obtain an expert view of the operation of their companies and proposals for the way to improve and increase their performance in various areas of corporate management: in addition, specific recommendations will be developed into final and functioning solutions.

“We greatly appreciate our involvement in the KB Advisory Point project and the opportunity to work for KB’s clients. We regard the fact that KB has picked our company to be one of the partners in the scheme as appreciation of our advisory work since 1990,” said Radoslav Tesař, M.C.Triton Managing Partner.

“Our company has long focused on advice for the owners and managements of dynamically growing firms. I trust that our partnership with Komerční banka will enable us to unlock the growth potential of Czech businesses in the local and global markets,” added David Pirner, Managing Partner Grant Thornton Advisory.

Komerční banka focuses on advice to its corporate clients on a long-term basis. A specific example is its KB EU Point service, from which applicants for subsidies receive all they need: the latest information, the choice of the suitable subsidy scheme, complete advice, technical assistance with preparing and maintaining their project, including the completion of the application for subsidy, and also optimised and advantageous financing customised to the particular situation, project and client.