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Komerční banka grows number of clients and volume of deposits and assets from individuals, further enhances digital banking


Komerční banka reported today its unaudited consolidated results for the year 2017. Client deposits climbed by 8.9% to CZK 756.1 billion1. The volume of KB Group clients’ assets in mutual funds, pension savings and life insurance rose by 8.0% to CZK 163.9 billion. Total gross loans to clients increased by 1.8% to CZK 606.1 billion2. Within this total, financing of housing from KB and Modrá pyramida expanded by 6.5% and consumer lending by KB and ESSOX grew also by 6.5%.

Komerční banka’s economic forecast – 2018: Richer Households, Stronger Koruna


The Czech economy has been growing at a rate significantly above its potential since last year’s second quarter. The strong dynamics persisted until the end of last year, and it is therefore the foundation for success this year again. The country’s economy continues to be driven by strong household consumption, joined also by companies’ investment activity since 2Q 2017. This year will also be marked by higher public investments. The CNB will continue its rate hikes at a pace of a hike per quarter. Higher yields will in turn underpin the koruna in its appreciating trend. Inflation will gradually slow down towards its 2% target.

KB reports increasing number of clients, solid growth in retail lending, and expanding volume of client assets under management. Net profit improved thanks to low cost of risk


Komerční banka today reported its consolidated results as of 30 September 2017. Total gross loans to clients expanded by 2.0% to CZK 605.1 billion1. Within this total, housing financing expanded by 7.9% and consumer lending grew by 6.4%. Client deposits climbed by 9.7% to CZK 777.5 billion2. The volume of KB Group clients’ assets in mutual funds, pension savings and life insurance rose by 8.3% to CZK 160.9 billion.

Komerční banka’s economic forecast – investments rebounding


The Czech economy’s growth this year will be one of the strongest for the last ten years. Basically all components of demand will support growth. This year, we at last see companies’ increased investment activity and next year the public sector will have to accelerate; otherwise, we will be deprived of money from the EU’s funds. Households are also benefiting from the growing economy thanks to the high rate of employment and rising wages. Their growth has gathered momentum; it is the strongest since 2007 and will not slow down in any significant way next year. Until the end of 2018, wage-driven inflation will stay above the 2% inflation target. The CNB will therefore continue to hike the rates at a rate of a hike per quarter.


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