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Komerční banka’s macroecononic forecast Investments: The driver last year, the brake this year


Czech economic growth will be slightly over 2% this year and approximately one-half of last year’s growth. While growing investments were the driver last year, their dynamics will become more of a burden on economic growth this year. The drop will be particularly marked in the case of investments financed from the public purse.

Solid business growth and financial performance in a challenging environment. Net profit affected by front-loading of costs of the Resolution Fund


Komerční banka reported today consolidated results for the first three months of 2016. The Bank saw an increase in the number of its clients by 18,000. The volume of loans to clients expanded by 6.8% to CZK 548.8 billion, volume of deposits improved by 6.0% to CZK 672.9 billion, and volume of other assets under management1 grew by 8.3% to CZK 141.7 billion.

Komerční banka Group becomes the key partner for European financial institutions in the Czech Republic


In the last three years (2013-2015), KB Group raised almost EUR 1.2 billion (CZK 32 billion) for its clients from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). KB Group absorbs 45% of all the funds from these European institutions which were channelled into the Czech banking sector in the above period. KB Group has become the most important and, in some programmes, the exclusive partner for European financial institutions in the Czech Republic.

Komerční banka’s General Meeting approves dividends for 2015 at CZK 310 per share


At their General Meeting today, Komerční banka’s shareholders voted to confirm the proposal of the bank’s Board of Directors for the approval of the profit for distribution to shareholders (dividends) for 2015 at CZK 310 per share.