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KB sells IKS to SGAM

Komerční banka, a. s., ("KB") and Société Générale Asset Management SA ("SGAM") announced today that they have reached an agreement on sale of IKS, 100% subsidiary of KB, to SGAM. The purpose of the transaction is to facilitate transfer of SGAM's proven global asset management expertise to IKS. This will, on top of the existing offer of IKS asset management products, open a possibility for the customers of KB to have access to the range of SGAM asset management products and services.

KB introduces a revolutionary technology in mobile banking

Komerční banka has expanded its offer of direct banking services to include a new revolutionary service - mobile banking. This new service enables the clients to control their bank account on-line using the keyboard and display of their mobile phone handsets.

Penzijní fond KB appreciates funds by 3.52% p.a. for 2004

For 2004, Penzijní fond KB reports a high profit of CZK 439.7 million, which represents a year on year growth of 20.4 %. In comparison with 2003, the number of its clients increased by 13.3 % to 302,330 as at 31 December 2004. Penzijní fond KB has a 10.3 % market share of the total number of 2.95 million clients.

Best artists to receive the Komerční banka Award

Komerční banka and the National Theatre signed today a new agreement on co-operation, thereby sealing their partnership co-operation for the next three years.

Komerční banka posted unconsolidated net profit of CZK 1.9 billion for the first quarter of 2005

Komerční banka released its unconsolidated financial results under IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) to report net profit of CZK 1,934 million. This reflects the Bank's good business performance in all clients segments and high efficiency of the Bank. The net banking income grew by 5% compared to the same period of last year and a tight cost control along with a decrease in deposit insurance contributions led to a year-on-year reduction in operating costs by 1%. The net operating income thus increased by 12%. Net profit was down by 3% from the year earlier due to the positive financial impact in the amount of CZK 804 million (pre-tax) that had been seen in 2004's first quarter from the sale of MUZO, a. s.

Komerční banka's AGM decides on dividend pay out

At the Annual General Meeting held today Komerční banka shareholders decided to pay out CZK 100 in dividend per share for 2004.

KB offers the first credit card for businesses on the czech market!

Komerční banka launches a completely new business credit card. This is the first credit card on the Czech market intended exclusively for firms and businessmen, who will thus have another permanent source available for funding their activities.

Komerční banka does not agree with MasterCard's new rules

Komerční banka does not agree with the decision taken by MasterCard, a payment card association, which will allow retailers to charge customers for card transactions.

KB cuts mortgage loan rates again

Effective from today, Komerční banka (KB) has cut interest rates on its mortgage loans. The Klasik mortgage loan, with the rate fixed for five years, will now be available to clients up to 0.37 per cent point cheaper than so far; the interest rates start from 3.99 per cent as against the original 4.36 per cent p.a. On the Plus mortgage loan, with the rate fixed for five years, the reduction is from 4.55 per cent to 4.20 per cent (0.35).

Komerční banka reduces interest rates

Effective on April 7, 2005, Komerční banka reduces its referential rate (RS KB) to 2.10% p.a., overdraft referential rate (KRS KB) to 2.30% p.a. and base rate (ZS KB) to 2.05% p.a. All three rates were reduced by 0.15 percentage point.

Komerční banka posted audited unconsolidated net profit of CZK 9.3 billion for 2004

Komerční banka released today its audited unconsolidated financial results under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), thereby confirming its preliminary results released at the end of February.

Komerční banka wins the prestigious "Economics Francophone Prize 2005" international award

The Czech National Committee of the Economics Francophone Forum has nominated Komerční banka (KB) as its candidate for the prestigious "Economic Francophone Prize 2005". The Paris-based Economics Francophone Forum International Bureau (BIFFA) awards the prestigious "Le prix de la Francophonie économique" award to the most dynamic company in the 59 countries of the Francophone community.

The first ATM to accept chip cards in the Czech Republic!

Komerční banka, in co-operation with MUZO and the VISA Europe international card association, carried out the first successful cash withdrawal using a chip card under the EMV international standard from KB's ATM at the KB branch at Prague, Václavské náměstí 42 at the beginning of March (4.3.2005).

Foreigners can use specialised Foreign Customer Desks (FCD) at KB

Foreign clients can use the services of desks specialising in services to foreign clients. At KB, there are currently 19 such specialised desks, and their network will continue to expand. Five specialised FCDs are available to foreigners in Prague, and they are located in every regional capital. A list of all the FCDs is available at the KB website, including the languages the bank guarantees at each of them.

Max 3 - the successful fund continues for the third time

As of Monday, 7th February, Komerční banka (KB) offers the third continuation of the successful MAX fund. The fund guarantees to the clients a 100% return of the money the clients have invested in the fund on the maturity of the fund. * "Max 3 - a global guaranteed fund is intended for investors of conservative inclinations, who want to participate in the yields offered by equity markets but do not want to undertake the risk associated with such investment," explains André Léger, KB Executive Director Marketing. The guaranteed 100% return of the investment on maturity * is secured by a third party - guarantor, who is Société Générale, S.A.

The EU Profi Loan - KB's new business loan based on the EBRD's credit line

Komerční banka offers self-employed persons and SMEs a new type of a simplified loan - the EU Profi Loan.

Guaranteed service level - KB's new approach to clients

Komerční banka is the first bank on the Czech market to undertake to maintain a guaranteed level of services to clients. This means that the bank undertakes to observe clearly defined principles concerning its products and services and approach to clients. The content of each of the commitments is based on customer surveys. According to these surveys, clients rank the criteria important for bank selection in the following order:

KB donates 2 million crowns to help the afflicted areas in south-east Asia

Komerční banka and its community of employees have joined through KB foundation, Nadace KB - Jistota the broad wave of international solidarity with the residents and visitors of the afflicted areas in South-East Asia. KB foundation, Nadace KB - Jistota contributes a financial support of CZK 2 million to deal with the consequences of the natural disaster. This support will be remitted to the Czech Red Cross.