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On 1 July 2009, Komerční banka will launch a new wave of fee adjustments to put frequently used services at the greatest possible advantage

In 2008, Komerční banka cut the prices of certain service packages; since the beginning of 2009 it has been offering free-of-charge withdrawals from KB ATMs starting from the basic embossed cards. "Support for card transactions, which is demanded by clients so much, is also the pivotal idea of this year's summer wave of changes in pricing," discloses Jozef Ryšavý, head of marketing planning and price control.

ČMZRB guarantees helped to provide CZK 1.5 billion in loans to Komerční banka's clients last year

In mid-2007, Komerční banka was the very first bank to sign a complete set of agreements with Českomoravská záruční a rozvojová banka (ČMZRB) on the GUARANTEE scheme. Thanks to KB experts' extensive experience in guarantee provision, last year Komerční banka's clients obtained more than 300 guarantees, i.e. 32% of the entire volume of guarantees provided by ČMZRB; thanks to these guarantees they have drawn down more than CZK 1.5 billion on credit.

EU Point Index: Subsidy market players' activity has increased significantly

The EU Point Index aggregates data from the whole market into a single index that can be easily interpreted. For experts, it shows the general trend of developments in the key areas of the subsidy market in comparison with the long-term average. The EU Point Index takes into account the activity of both grant applicants and the granting agencies.

Komerční banka offers payment protection insurance for business loans

Komerční banka has launched in conjunction with Komerční pojišťovna new payment protection insurance for Profi úvěr FIX business loans. Businesses will feel assured that in the event of an unfavourable situation, they will be able to honour their obligations under their business loans. The policy covers the risk of death, full disability, and long-term incapacity for work of the business owner.

Komerční banka Group reports solid profit in first quarter of 2009

KB Group achieved a net profit of CZK 2,819 million in the first quarter of 2009. Komerční banka increased its net banking revenues year on year and reduced operating costs, whereby it mitigated to a large extent rising cost of risk driven by the current tough economic conditions in the Czech Republic.

Komerční banka's General Meeting approves dividends of CZK 180 per share

At their General Meeting today, shareholders of Komerční banka voted in favour of the proposal of the bank's Board of Directors to pay out dividends of CZK 180 per share.

Laurent Goutard will accept a new position within the Société Générale Group

Laurent Goutard, Komerční banka Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has announced today that effective from 10 September 2009 he will accept a new position and a new exciting challenge within the Société Générale Group in France.

Komerční banka launches an offer of EKO loans

Komerční banka supports the maximum possible use of the subsidies under the Green for Savings scheme. It is the first bank on the market to prepare a new range of attractive loan products, EKO loans.

Komerční banka and Modrá pyramida jointly succeed in an SFŽP tendering process

Komerční banka together with Modrá pyramida have been successful in a tendering process organised by Státní fond životního prostředí (SFŽP, State Environmental Protection Fund) for the distribution of subsidies under the Zelená úsporám [Green for Savings] scheme.

Komerční banka raises rates of interest on term accounts

Demand for deposit products is continuously growing. This is borne out by KB Garantovaný vklad: more than 25,000 clients took out this product during the last campaign.

Komerční banka finances renewable energy sources

The purchase price of electrical energy guaranteed by the government for 20 to 30 years helps to boost the development of projects based on renewable energy sources, in particular solar energy. There are not that many sectors that offer so attractive investments in terms of the rate and certainty of return. Komerční banka has prepared a new business model and put together a team of specialists for the financing of renewables.

Komerční banka's MojePlatba service will make it easier for Pražská energetika's clients to pay their bills

The MojePlatba service makes it possible to make easy and safe payments for services via Pražská energetika's gateway. MojePlatba provides Pražská energetika with immediate information on the payments made by clients, and Komerční banka's guarantee that the payment will be remitted.

Personal pension schemes - a good solution for employers

The demand for ways of increasing employees' financial rewards while optimising cost and taxes is growing these days. Contributions to personal pension schemes are one of the options. What's more, an attractive offer has been prepared for new clients of Penzijní fond Komerční banky, the fourth largest pension fund on the Czech market.

The notebook loan for university students offers several options

Komerční banka brings an improved offer of loans for notebooks. Since its launch in November 2007, the product has met with great success, primarily thanks to its first-class configuration and also the ease of obtaining it. The offer is targeted at university students in any year and type of studies.

New KB Akcent fund - guaranteed investment with a potential return of 25% in two years

Komerční banka has started to offer investors a new guaranteed fund, KB Akcent, which provides a return of at least 102% of the investment on maturity (in five years). In the case of the growth and stagnation of, or even a slight decrease in, the selected basket of stocks clients have an opportunity to potentially realise a return of 25% as early as after the second year into their investment, provided that no stock contained in the underlying portfolio has a value lower than 90% of its original value of 7 July 2009 after two years.

Komerční banka prepares EU Point Index for the media and the public

Komerční banka has produced a new index, known as the EU Point Index, for the media, EU funding experts, and the general public; it offers quick information about the current developments in the uptake of EU funding. The EU Point Index takes into account the activity of both grant applicants and the granting agencies.

Since its establishment a year ago, KB EU Point has provided expert advice on projects worth almost CZK 50 billion

For over a year, KB's specialised offices, KB EU Point, have been providing comprehensive advice to applicants for support from the EU Structural Funds. In 2008 alone, Komerční banka specialists provided technical expertise to grant applicants for almost 2,000 projects, the overall value of which was almost 50 billion crowns.

T-Mobile Bonus cards attract clients

Demand for multipurpose payment instruments is continuously increasing. This is also borne out by the T-Mobile Bonus card, a co-branded Komerční banka and operator T-Mobile product, which has been activated by as many as 33,500 clients in less than a year since its launch.

Mortgage loans from Komerční banka: a guaranteed interest rate of 4.99% and certainty of repayment

Komerční banka has prepared an attractive offer for those who want a mortgage loan. A guaranteed interest rate of 4.99% is applicable now to the Klasik category mortgage loans (up to 85% of the value of the mortgaged property) and a fixed-rate period of five or more years. All clients who meet the conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan can therefore have the longest fixed rate periods for a unique price and save up to tens of thousands of crowns. This offer is limited in time and applies when a mortgage loan is requested between 16 March and 30 April 2009 and the loan agreement is signed by 31 May 2009.

As many as 180,000 small businesses now use KB's business packages

Komerční banka has recently achieved a major goal in its offering of day-to-day banking services for small businesses when it registered the sale of 180,000 business packages and, at the same time, 10,000 Efekt Start packages for start-up businesses. Thus, more than two thirds of all of its small business clients are now using one of the bank's business packages.