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Komerční banka's statement on the hold up of its branch at Praha 4 - Novodvorská

An armed hold-up of Komerční banka's branch at Praha 4, Novodvorská, took place today, unfortunately.

Dr Joseph Franciscus Vedlich, LLM appointed new ombudsman for Komerční banka

The Board of Directors of Komerční banka has appointed Dr Vedlich as the new ombudsman for KB's clients with effect from 7 December 2009. The new ombudsman will continue to tackle contentious issues between Komerční banka and its clients - individuals; in 2004, Professor Vojtěch Cepl was the very first ombudsman of a private financial institution in the Czech Republic to start this service.

Payments and opening hours at KB branches at the end of 2009

At the end of 2009 all of Komerční banka's branches, including those that work on Saturdays and Sundays, will keep their opening hours as usual, with the exception of Thursday 31 December 2009, when branches will close earlier, at 1 p.m.

Businesses appreciate mainly the quality of direct banking as regards banking services

According to a Median survey, 56% of medium-sized and large enterprises have drawn on a bank loan this year; one third of them has been financed by Komerční banka. The quality of direct banking, the bank's image and a broad range of high-quality products on offer - these are the key factors that influence firms' satisfaction with banks more than prices.

Komerční banka's notice on the demise of Professor Vojtěch Cepl

It is with deep regrets that Komerční banka receives the news about the demise of Professor Vojtěch Cepl, the first-ever Komerční banka Ombudsman. The Board of Directors, management and employees of Komerční banka want to express their grief at the loss of a colleague who, although not the bank's employee, has considerably contributed to the development of the quality of Komerční banka's services for its broad customer base.

KB's EU Point Index: Companies and municipalities in the Czech Republic receive CZK 10 billion a month on average from EU funds for 600 approved projects

The EU Point Index, compiled on a regular basis by KB EU Point to monitor the activity on the Czech subsidy market, was very much above the average in September, mainly thanks to open calls for research centres and also approved subsidies for water management infrastructure.

Jan Kotík becomes ESSOX Chief Operating Officer

Effective from 1 December, Jan Kotík will become the new Chief Operating Officer at ESSOX. He will replace Petr Kohout, who has been in charge of the activities of SG Viet Finance, a Vietnamese company within the Société Générale Group, since the beginning of November.

Komerční banka Group reports net profit of CZK 8,438 million for three quarters of 2009

Komerční banka reported today that for the first three quarters of 2009 it had earned a net profit of CZK 8,438 million, which represents by 14.5% less than in the same period of 2008. Notwithstanding the significant economic downturn, KB Group managed to achieve solid results by developing long-term relationships with its clients, including continuous lending activity, and by maintaining tight cost control and careful risk management.

Komerční banka's Christmas offer

Komerční banka has prepared a special Christmas offer with effect from 1 November. The bank will make it possible for clients to have shopping insured free of charge, obtain an extended guarantee for goods, select their own card design, and change their PIN. This unique offer is open from 1 November 2009 to 31 December 2009.

Migrating to Komerční banka is easier for individuals since 1 November

Komerční banka is one of the first banks on the Czech market to accede to Czech Banking Association's Standard No. 22: Mobility of Clients - Procedure for Changing Banks, which simplifies clients' migration from one bank to another. Effective from 1 November 2009, individual clients attracted by the advantageous current accounts and other products offered by Komerční banka only need to ask Komerční banka to open an account for them and transfer their standing orders and direct debit agreements from their old bank. Komerční banka then provides the new clients with model letters whereby the clients will notify their providers of services or goods, as companies with a direct debit mandate, of the change of their bank, and itself will make all the other arrangements free of charge: it will take care of the transfer of standing orders and direct debit agreements, and also facilitate the closing of the clients' old current account, including the transfer of the balance to the new account.

Vital Invest, a unit-linked life assurance policy, offers new opportunities

Komerční banka, together with Komerční pojišťovna, offers a new product, Zajištěný fond Forte [the Forte Guaranteed Fund] as part of Vital Invest unit-linked life assurance policies.

Petr Kohout leaves ESSOX management to steer SG Viet Finance in Vietnam

Petr Kohout, Chief Financial and Operations Officer at ESSOX, is leaving to head the Vietnamese company SG Viet Finance as its CEO within the Société Générale Group. The Vietnamese company's business is similar to that of ESSOX in the Czech Republic, i.e., provision for consumer finance for retail customers.

Merlin insurance for all cards of domestic banks now

Komerční banka wants to help all clients who use a payment card, and from 27 October offers broader options for covering each of the risks by improved Merlin and Profi Merlin insurance products.

New clients of Penzijní fond Komerční banky will now receive a bonus of CZK 500 and a number of other advantages

Penzijní fond Komerční banky (PF KB) has prepared a special offer for those who wish to take out a personal pension scheme. Everybody who signs a personal pension contract with PF KB through Komerční banka will receive a bonus of CZK 500.

Komerční banka has nominated Jan Pokorný to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna

Komerční banka has nominated Jan Pokorný to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna. On 15 November 2009 he will take over the position of Adviser to the CEO and on 1 January 2010 he will take over as Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO, provided that the appointment is approved by the Supervisory Board of MPSS and receives prior consent from the Czech National Bank.

Komerční banka launches an offer of more advantageous loans for small and medium-sized enterprises from the EIB's funds

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has prepared a new scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises as part of the fight against the economic crisis. Thanks to a recently concluded agreement, Komerční banka can also offer these advantageous loans to Czech companies and businesses that have less than 250 employees.

Komerční banka offers term accounts with an attractive growth and an opportunity for early withdrawals without sanctions

Komerční banka has come with an offer of a new product, which is unique on the market of term deposit products: a term account with a guarantee of early withdrawals without sanctions.

Komerční banka is ready for changes resulting from the new Act on Payments

The new Act No. 284/2009 on Payments will bring some major changes for clients in the Czech Republic from 1 November 2009. Komerční banka has completed the preparations for implementing the new law, and in a few days will distribute a letter informing its clients about the forthcoming changes.

Česká pojišťovna and Komerční banka launch strategic co-operation and present an insurance solution for photovoltaic systems

On 1 October 2009, Česká pojišťovna and Komerční banka will launch their co-operation in mutual distribution of their products. At Komerční banka's branches, clients now have an opportunity to take out property & casualty policies from Česká pojišťovna. On the other hand, Česká pojišťovna will make Komerční banka's mortgage loans available in its distribution network. This is the largest strategic alliance formed in the Czech financial sector this year.

Komerční banka's EU Point Index increased in July thanks to the subsidies for the Czech Point contact points

The EU Point Index, compiled on a regular basis by KB EU Point to monitor the activity on the Czech subsidy market, was above the average in July again, mainly thanks to the large number of approved applications under the Integrated Operational Programme.