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Komerční banka launches Mobilní banka for smart phone users in July

In July, Komerční banka launched the first version of Mobilní banka 2 – a new version of mobile banking, which is customised for smart phone users. The new application is available free of charge for users of Apple iPhones and iPad tablets and users of telephones with the Android system and it is also functional on telephones with normally available internet browsers.

Komerční banka offers payment protection insurance – cover for unexpected events

In co-operation with Komerční pojišťovna, Komerční banka starts to offer new accident insurance products, MojePojištění plateb [My Payment Protection Insurance] and Profi pojištění plateb [Profi Payment Protection Insurance] on 12th July 2011. The products are intended to provide money for the payment of monthly outgoings in cases of long-term incapacity for work, disability, or accidental death. MojePojištění plateb also offers the option of extending the cover to include the risk of loss of employment, which is in great demand.

Komerční banka redesigns account statements

Komerční banka changes the graphic design and structure of most of its account statements as of 11 July 2011. In addition to a clearer arrangement and more modern appearance, clients will find information about their use of the popular MojeOdměny concept in their account statements. The new format also brings significant savings in the consumption of paper for printing the account statements.

Komerční banka has prepared a less expensive access to automobiles with the MojeAuto loan

Using the MojeAuto (My Automobile) loan, Komerční banka’s clients can finance their purchase of automobiles in a convenient and advantageous way. The loan, which the bank’s clients can obtain in the branch network of both Komerční banka and Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, offers bargain interest rates and less expensive insurance cover throughout the period of loan repayment.

Comments on the geographical orientation of external trade for April 2011

According to the preliminary data of the Czech Statistical Office’s cross-border statistics, in April the Czech Republic’s exports and imports grew by 14.8% and 16.8% respectively. The value of external trade increased by 15.8% to CZK 445.3 billion, which is the highest April value of external trade since the establishment of the Czech Republic. The country’s surplus on trade, CZK 12.6 billion, was CZK 1.5 billion lower year-on-year. The surplus increased in respect of industrial consumer goods, and machines and vehicles, while it decreased in respect of raw materials, semi-finished products, materials, and beverages and tobacco. Deficit widened in trade with mineral fuels, chemical products, foodstuffs and livestock.

Recovery in truck transport services brings significant growth for SG Equipment Finance

In the first quarter of this year, SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic (SGEF) registered a significant increase in the financing of trucks and road tractors year-on-year. Early 2011 therefore gives a signal of the start of a cautious growth, which is a notional start on a path towards a volume of vehicle financing at the level of the volume before the economic and financial crisis.

Komerční banka adds a unique fund, KB Absolutních výnosů, to its offer of investment opportunities.

On 13 June 2011, Komerční banka started to offer an opportunity to invest in a new fund, the KB Absolutních výnosů fund. It is intended for clients who want to invest their money on a short-term basis while requiring a higher yield than from term deposits and saving accounts.

Komerční banka’s Business Service offers complete solutions for business

Komerční banka’s Business Service offers complete solutions for business services to small business clients. KB’s specialised relationship managers can put together an offer of products and services for current and new clients to perfectly match their requirements and needs. In addition, new clients will obtain the Profi account free of charge for the first year. This special offer is valid for opening the account until 30 June 2011.

Komerční banka’s specialised branch for foreigners begins the second year of its operation, and currently serves 1,300 clients

Through its EXPAT Premium Branch, a specialised branch for international clients, Komerční banka already serves 1,300 foreign clients. Opened in Prague in the Štěpánská St. in May last year, the branch offers these clients a broad range of KB’s products and services together with a number of extras, including communication in five world languages.

Comments on the geographical orientation of external trade for March 2011

According to the preliminary data of the Czech Statistical Office’s cross-border statistics, in March the Czech Republic’s exports grew faster than imports and the country’s surplus on trade was the highest since the establishment of the Czech Republic. After 12 months, imports stopped outpacing exports. Exports and imports grew by 17.9% and 17.4%, respectively, year-on-year in current prices. Surplus on trade, amounting to CZK 21.5 billion, was CZK 4.2 billion higher year-on-year.

Komerční banka’s employees contribute to earthquake-hit Japan

Komerční banka Group’s employees have collected CZK 165,050 in Nadace KB Jistota’s special account intended for help to earthquake-hit Japan. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has decided to top up the collection to a final CZK 250,000. The contribution will be sent to the account of the Japanese Red Cross.

SG Equipment Finance boosts its position in farm investment financing

In the first quarter of 2011, SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic (SGEF) grew markedly stronger in the financing of Czech and Slovak farmers’ investments. Over the first three months of 2011, SGEF financed agricultural machinery worth CZK 121.8 million (initial cost), which implies a year-on-year growth of 264%. The number of agricultural machinery financing agreements executed in the first quarter doubled year-on-year.

Penzijní fond Komerční banky will credit a growth of 2.23% to members for 2010

The general meeting of Penzijní fond Komerční banky approved the results of PF KB for 2010 and decided that a growth in value of 2.23% would be credited to the pension fund members. PF KB has therefore delivered on its promise made in early 2010 that it would appreciate members’ investment by more than 2% for 2010.

KB Group reports net profit of CZK 3,376 million for first quarter of 2011

Komerční banka Group reported a net profit of CZK 3,376 million for the first three months of 2011, which represents an improvement by 5.2% in comparison with the same period of 2010. The increase in net profit is due to significantly lower cost of risk compared to the still-elevated level at the beginning of 2010. Revenues marginally increased, while operating expenses rose moderately as KB invested into improvements in the product range, client services and distribution networks.

Komerční banka announces acquisition of majority stake in Société Générale Equipment Finance Czech Republic

Komerční banka Group announces the completion of its acquisition of 50.1% ownership interest in Société Générale Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o. (hereinafter “SGEF CR”) for a purchase price of CZK 1,800 million.

Komerční banka registers increased interest in the topping up of mobile operators’ prepaid cards through its services

Komerční banka has registered growth in the number of clients who use the bank’s services for topping up their mobile phone prepaid cards. In respect of the topping up through ATMs, a growth of almost 40% was registered in the first quarter of 2011 year-on-year.

Clients can now take out mortgage loans, and not only for housing, from Komerční banka without processing fees and at interest rates starting from 3.99%

Komerční banka has prepared an attractive special offer for clients – until the end of May, they will obtain mortgage loans without the processing fee and at interest rates starting from as low as 3.99%.

Comments on the geographical orientation of external trade for February 2011

According to the Czech Statistical Office’s preliminary data, in February exports and imports increased 18.4% and 20.5%, respectively, in current prices on a year-on-year basis. The results were influenced by the low reference base of February 2010, when the volume of external trade had the second lowest monthly value in 2010. Faster growth of imports vs. exports continued for the twelfth month. The surplus on trade was CZK 13.7 billion, down by CZK 0.9 billion year-on-year.

Unused auto first aid kits from the KB Group's employees will help people in Itibo, Kenya

The gathering of old auto first aid kits donated by the KB Group’s employees has become one of the most successful projects ever in terms of projects intended to involve employees in social responsibility. In the first quarter of this year, employees handed in more than 550 auto first aid kits, the usable content of which will help the clients of the Itibo humanitarian medical centre in Kenya.

General meeting of Komerční banka's shareholders approves the payout of a dividend of CZK 270 per share

At their general meeting today, the shareholders of Komerční banka voted in favour of the Board of Directors’ proposal for the payout of a dividend of CZK 270 per share.