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Komerční pojišťovna wins the title of „The life insurance company in the Czech Republic“

For the second time in a row, Komerční pojišťovna has received the highest award in the prestigious World Finance economic magazine’s rating. Following its last year’s primacy as The Insurance Company of the Year in the Czech Republic, this year it can again boast of a top rating, now as The Life Insurance Company of the Year in the Czech Republic, a new life category.

Create your own financial plan: on KB's website and in its internet banking

In November, Komerční banka will make its unique KB MojePlány service available on its website and in its MojeBanka internet banking application. Clients will therefore be able to draw up financial plans, so far prepared with the help of this tool solely by relationship managers for them, in the comfort of their home or office.

Payments and opening hours of KB branches at the end of 2013

At the end of 2013, all of Komerční banka’s branches will keep their opening hours as usual, with the exception of 31 December 2013 when branches will close earlier, at 1 p.m.

Mobilní banka now also available for handsets with Windows Phone 8

Sales of handsets with the Windows Phone 8 system are rising. Komerční banka has therefore prepared the popular Mobilní banka application in a version intended for handsets with this operating system. The application can be safely downloaded from Windows Phone Store.

KB supports a design bottle project under its "Start up" grant programme

The successful first edition of the START UP grant programme has its winners. Out of the 58 business plans entered, the expert jury highlighted ZAZA BOTTLES as the best project: bottles made of an environmentally friendly material, the design of which you can easily adjust to your current mood or interests. The entrant, a student and start-up businesswoman, received a financial award of CZK 300,000 from Komerční banka; the award is intended for the carrying out of her innovative business plan.

More benefits to clients, growth in lending and deposits. Net profit at CZK 9.8 billion for first nine months of 2013

As of the end of 2013’s third quarter, Komerční banka reported increase in the volume of loans to clients by 2.9% year on year to CZK 475.7 billion. Client deposits (excluding repo operations with clients) rose by 4.8% to CZK 592.0 billion over the same period. Consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders diminished by 12.5% to CZK 9.6 billion. Adjusted for one-off items, the percentage decline in net profit was 7.7% year on year.

KB's Jistota Foundation supports confectioneries made by the Fokus Labe sheltered workshop

Komeční banka’s Jistota Foundation has granted a contribution to the Fokus Labe sheltered workshop. The gift of CZK 38,000 will make it possible to buy equipment for confectionery production.

Komerční banka to manage the JESSICA Programme Guaranteed by SFRB

Státní fond rozvoje bydlení [The National Housing Development Fund, SFRB] and Komerční banka, a.s. signed an agreement on the Jessica Programme today. Komerční banka has thus become the Municipal Development Fund Manager and will provide low-interest loans for the repair and modernisation of residential buildings using the European funds obtained by SFRB. CZK 600 million for 41 Czech towns and cities having IPRM (Integrated Municipal Development Plan) have been allocated to the pilot operation of the scheme.

SGEF offers attractive indurance rates from as low as 0.99% for vehicle financing

Société Générale Equipment Finance (SGEF) clients can obtain a special package of advantageous insurance as part of vehicle financing only until the end of this year. Attractive insurance rates start from as low as 0.99% of the vehicle price per year.

KB's Jistota foundation gives CZK 150,000 to the Bystřany retirement home

Komerční banka’s JISTOTA Foundation has granted CZK 150,000 to the Bystřany Retirement Home. The funds are earmarked for hydraulic lift equipment.

Enhanced privacy, faster service, new technologies and innovative design for clients - KB presents its new concept at the Praha 5 - Anděl branch

Komerční banka continues in its long-term drive to improve customer service and has presented a brand new concept of its business points. KB’s remodelled Praha 5 - Anděl branch was the first to be introduced. Thanks to the changes, clients will feel significant improvements in the system of attendance; in particular, clients’ needs will be addressed more quickly and flexibly. An integral part of the new concept is also fundamental changes in the interior design of business points. The purpose of branch revamping is to underpin Komerční banka’s leadership in customer service quality and enhance clients’ satisfaction with Komerční banka’s services.

New MojeJistota insurance covers the largest number of risks on the market in a single policy

Komerční pojišťovna has launched a new term assurance policy, MojeJistota [My Assurance]. In a single policy, this innovative product offers the broadest cover for a combination of up to 12 risks. The policy was included in Komerční banka’s range on offer in October 2013.

Choice of Guaranteed deposits with bonuses pays off for KB's clients

Komerční banka has been offering the opportunity to grow the value of savings in the KB Garantovaný vklad Prémie [KB Premium Guaranteed Deposit] deposit accounts for more than a year now. The deposit account offers a guaranteed growth and a bonus in the form of a premium rate of interest if the CZK/EUR rate develops positively. Choice of the opportunity to obtain the bonus has paid off for clients; the growth of annual deposits considerably exceeds return on saving and term accounts.

CZK 300,000 gift from KB's Jistota foundation Helps SOS children's villages to develop

Komerční banka’s JISTOTA Foundation has provided financial support to SOS Children’s Villages. The CZK 300,000 gift will be help to refurbish a house for the SOS Sluníčko II project.

Demand for subsidies under European support programmes still extreme among Komerční banka's clients

European money continues to be highly topical for Komerční banka’s clients. In addition to standard subsidies, KB also helps its clients to obtain benefits under a broad range of the support programmes offered by some European financial institutions.

Komerční banka and the CIS chamber join hands to support czech exporters

On the occasion of the Brno International Engineering Fair, Komerční banka (KB) and the Chamber of Trade and Industry for CIS Countries (CIS Chamber) entered into a framework agreement on co-operation for 2014.

Successful co-operation between KB and The Association of small and medium-sized enterprised and crafts of ČR to continue in 2014

On the occasion of the Brno International Engineering Fair, Komerční banka (KB) and Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR [Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic] (AMSP) entered into a framework agreement for 2014.

Nadace KB Jistota helps the operator of sheltered housing for autistic adults

Komerční banka’s Jistota Foundation has granted financial support to Vítej, o.p.s., a charity that provides sheltered housing to autistic adults and relief services for their families. The grant of CZK 50,000 will help to buy equipment for a social therapy workshop for autistic adults.

Komerční banka Group scores in Hospodářské noviny competition

In Hospodářské noviny’s competition, Komerční banka Group has received as many as three awards. The organisers voted Komerční pojišťovna first in The Most Client Friendly Life Insurance Company of 2013 category and second in The Best Life Insurance Company of 2013 category. Komerční banka was placed second in the category of The Best Bank of 2013.

Gift from Komerční banka's Jistota foundation will help at Červený mlýn in Všestudy

KB’s Jistota Foundation has granted funds to the Červený mlýn elderly care home in Všestudy. CZK 200,000 will help to buy a shower trolley and furnishings for residents’ rooms, and to repair damage caused by recent floods.