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Payments and opening hours of KB branches at the end of 2014

At the end of 2014, all of Komerční banka’s branches will keep their opening hours as usual, with the exception of 31 December 2014 when all branches will close earlier, at 1 p.m.

Komerční banka upgrades its online banking by launching a new application, KB eTrading

Komerční banka is upgrading its online banking services in corporate banking. Thanks to its KB eTrading application, Komerční banka’s corporate clients can now execute foreign currency conversions, grow their uncommitted funds and, newly, hedge currency risks even more quickly and comfortably.

Komerční banka enhances online card payment security

Over the first ten months of this year, holders of Komerční banka’s payment cards paid almost CZK 4.5 billion for goods and services over the internet. As the popularity of online card payments grows, Komerční banka is also enhancing the security of these payments. KB has therefore implemented now the most robust method of security available, based on the 3-D Secure technology.

SGEF significantly increases the volume of vehicle and machinery financing

For the first three quarters of this year, Société Générale Equipment Finance (SGEF) provided financing totalling CZK 5.4 billion, up by 15% year-on-year. It has achieved the largest growth in transport equipment, including buses (36%) and in machine tools and machinery (25%). Thanks to cooperation with the EIB, its clients can now obtain attractive interest rates. The EU’s subsidy programmes are one of the reasons for the growing popularity of loans provided by leasing companies.

KB Penzijní společnost named The Best Pension Fund Czech Republic for the fourth time in a row

KB Penzijní společnost was named “The Best Pension Fund Czech Republic 2014” for the fourth time in a row in the prestigious Awards of the UK-based Global Banking and Finance Review portal. In these ratings, KB Penzijní společnost has not found its defeater since 2011!

A design lighting fixture producer receives a CZK 300,000 grant from Komerční banka

Komerční banka’s grant scheme for young and start-up businesses, called Start Up, has its winner for this year. Out of the 82 business projects entered the expert jury has selected Czevitrum, a manufacturer of original interior lighting fixtures and accessories, which combines the traditional Czech glass manufacture with the most modern LED technologies.

Komerční banka reports growth in loans and deposits, and increasing number of clients. Net profit at CZK 9.7 billion for nine months of 2014

Komerční banka reported today consolidated results for the first nine months of 2014. The volume of client deposits1 grew by 12% to CZK 662.8 billion, investments in mutual funds grew by 18%, pension savings by 11% and life insurance technical reserves rose by 26%. Loans to clients expanded by 4% to CZK 494.7 billion. The net profit attributable to shareholders came to CZK 9.7 billion, representing an increase of 1% year on year.

Komerční banka listens to its clients and cancels seven fees

Komerční banka has prepared changes to its price list, effective as of 1 January 2015. The latest changes are based on the philosophy that Komerční banka pursues on a long-term basis: the bank support the clients who use the KB Group’s services actively, and supports the use of modern forms of communication.

Komerční banka's makroeconomic forecast - a weaker crown helps

Following two years of decline, the Czech economy will grow again this year thanks to its strong performance in the first quarter. However, in the second half of this year, risks of a slowdown have been cumulating due to deteriorated development also on the part of our key trading partners in Germany and in the eurozone as a whole. The slackening external demand will be offset to a large extent by the growing internal demand driven by the extremely relaxed monetary policy, which will gradually be joined by a fiscal impetus.

Komerční banka to support business development in the Czech Republic in 2015 again

Komerční banka and Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR [Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic] (AMSP) have entered into a framework agreement on cooperation for 2015. The two institutions thus continue in their long-term partnership started in 2012.

Komerční banka supports Age Management Implementation in the Czech Republic

Komerční banka has joined the Age Management Implementation project in the Czech Republic, which is run by Asociace institucí vzdělávání dospělých ČR [AIVD, The Association of Adult Education Institutions]. Its purpose is to promote employment of persons in higher age categories and to create conditions for them which will help them work at a higher age, for example, with regard to their health.

Komerční banka becomes the general partner of the National gallery

Komerční banka has become the partner of the National Gallery in Prague, a state-owned institution managing the largest visual art collection in the Czech Republic. Albert Le Dirac’h, Komerční banka’s Chairman and CEO, and Jiří Fajt, Director General of the National Gallery in Prague, signed the partnership agreement.

Komerční banka and Komerční pojišťovna win in the main categories of Hospodářské noviny's Awards

Komerční banka and Komerční pojišťovna have won the titles of The Best Bank of 2014 and The Best Life Insurance Company 2014, respectively, in the sixth annual edition of the prestigious awards for the financial sector organised by the economic daily newspaper Hospodářské noviny every year.

Komerční banka and the Czech Agrarian Chamber intensify their cooperation

Komerční banka and the Czech Agrarian Chamber signed a cooperation agreement at the Země živitelka exhibition. The new agreement formalises the traditionally good relationships between KB and the Chamber, which brings together a number of KB’s clients. At the České Budějovice fair grounds, the cooperation agreement with the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries (FFDI) of the Czech Republic was also extended.

A lucky Lady card holder to take a holiday worth CZK 100,000

Komerční banka has delivered the prizes of the summer competition for Lady credit card holders to the lucky winners. Attractive prizes were ready for three winners whose responses best answered the question in the competition: How many rewards Komerční banka paid to Lady Card holders over a certain period. But all Lady Card holders have received attractive discounts and bonuses.

No fees and no risk when withdrawing and depositing foreign cash at KB

Until the end of September, Komerční banka’s clients can use the summer fee holidays that allow them to withdraw and deposit cash in foreign currencies from and in their Czech crown denominated accounts free of charge. Thanks to the high standard of cash processing at KB, clients can also prevent the unnecessary losses that they risk when exchanging money ‘in the street’ at a high risk of counterfeit money.

Employers of young employees may receive in Komerční banka financing with interest rate advantage

Komerční banka has concluded a contract with the European Investment Bank, which extends possibilities for corporate clients to benefit from EIB sources. The programme is focused on companies which supports young workers at the beginning of their career.

Number of Komerční banka’s clients up by 22,000 due to successful MojeOdměny rewards programme. Net profit at CZK 6.4 billion for first half of 2014

Komerční banka reported today consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of CZK 6.4 billion for the first six months of 2014, up 1.2% year on year. The number of the Bank's clients rose by 22,000 to 1,609,000, while the KB Group as a whole was serving 2.5 million clients. The volume of client deposits1 grew by 8.0% to CZK 638.6 billion, and loans to clients expanded by 3.5% to CZK 491.8 billion.

Komerční banka's macroeconomic forecast: 2015 - A year of fiscal and monetary expansion

– The Czech economy has set out on the upward leg of the economic cycle. The recovery, which is broadly based unlike 2010 and 2011, is gaining momentum. The Czech economy is expected to reach its pre-crisis level in late 2014. The persisting low-inflation environment will help the central bank to continue in its relaxed monetary policy in 2015 too. Following the fiscal restrictions last year, the easing is visible this year, and we expect a stronger fiscal impetus next year. Economic growth will result in the rate of unemployment declining even more, and a faster growth in wages.

A VŠE Praha team wins the “Put your heads together” innovation contest

In the spring of 2014, Komerční banka called an innovation contest for university students, “Put Your Heads Together 2014!”. Teams of students were to prepare a project on the subject of how to communicate with clients on a regular basis and efficiently and how to motivate them.