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After 20 years, Komerční pojišťovna is one of life assurance leaders

Komerční pojišťovna has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Over the time of its operation in the Czech financial market it has mainly focused on the life business, and gradually consolidated its position among the biggest insurance companies in the Czech Republic. Komerční pojišťovna currently manages assets totalling more than CZK 43 billion and with its market share of 15% holds the second place in the life market.

Payments and opening hours of KB branches at the end of 2015

At the end of 2015, all of Komerční banka’s branches will keep their opening hours as usual, with the exception of 31 December 2015 when all branches will close earlier, at 1 p.m.

New KB´s real estate fund invests into commercial properties in Prague

The fund has bought three commercial properties in the wider centre of Prague; the yield for investors is expected at 5% p.a. The investment in real estate amounts CZK 3 billion. Realitní fond KB is exclusively reserved for KB Private Banking clients. The Fund manager is Investiční kapitálová společnost KB (IKS KB).

KB reports dynamic growth in lending across segments, continued rise in number of clients. Net profit increased by 2.4% year on year.

In its consolidated results as of 30 September 2015, Komerční banka reported dynamic growth in retail and corporate lending and continued increase in the number of bank’s customers.

The third edition of the Start Up grant programme has its winners

Komerční banka’s grant programme for young start-ups, “Start Up”, has its winners this year. Of the 53 business plans signed up, the expert jury selected Skinners, a project that offers a new, unique type of footwear. The shoes are a combination of antibacterial elastic knitted fabric and a two-layer sole with a high degree of protection against abrasion. The shoes are part of the Barefoot segment and feature broad-ranging use in sports and travel.

Komerční banka’s macroeconomic forecast: households not about to lose their spending appetite

The Czech economy will grow at the fastest rate of more than 4% since 2007 this year. It has been growing faster than the eurozone as a whole for almost two years; and it will grow by almost 3 pp for FY 2015. The process of catching up, which was strong in the pre-crisis decade, is therefore visible again.

Franck du Plessix appointed Chief Executive Officier of IKS KB

Amundi announces the appointment of Franck du Plessix as Chief Executive Officer of IKS KB, its subsidiary in Czech Republic.

New billion euro initiative starts to unlock private investment in energy efficiency

The first operation under the Private Finance for Energy Efficiency initiative, a new European scheme to increase private sector investment in reducing energy use was announced today with leading Czech bank Komerční Banka a.s.

Komerční banka opens a modernised branch in the Spálená street in Prague

Komerční banka’s modernised branch features a high speed and quality of service, comfortable milieu, and modern technologies. The purpose of this renovation is to boost Komerční banka’s position in customer service quality. This year, 45 KB branches will be modernised. KB has tested the new branch model at the Anděl branch for more than a year.

With its new Erasmus package, Komerční banka will take care of students abroad

Komerční banka has prepared the Erasmus package specifically for Czech students abroad; it has been designed to meet their needs and suggestions. The package contains all that students need when studying abroad, including travel insurance and SEPA payments. They have a choice between the Standard and Premium options and can also win financial bonuses.

Komerční banka and AMSP to continue their long-term partnership in 2016

Support for start-up businesses and crafts, easier drawdown on EU subsidies, and assistance with the successful entry into and operation on international markets: these are the key areas of the cooperation between Komerční banka and Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR [Association of Small and Medium–sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic] (AMSP) for 2016. The new agreement, which extends current cooperation, was signed at the Brno International Engineering Fair, a highlight of every year for a number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Komerční banka and the Agrarian Chamber to intensify their cooperation in subsidies

Efficient drawing of both Czech and EU subsidies and also efficient use of the privileged agricultural programmes prepared in cooperation with European financial institutions is the main priority of extended cooperation between Komerční banka and Agrární komora ČR [Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic]. At the Země živitelka trade fair [The Bread Basket - International Agricultural Fair], KB also extended its cooperation agreement with Potravinářská komora ČR [Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic].

Mobile payments without telecom operators? Soon in the Czech Republic

Payments by mobile devices using HCE technology are growing increasingly popular with Visa member banks all over the world. Komerční banka is the first in the Czech Republic to introduce them soon.

Transactions using KB payment cards up by 7% to a new record of CZK 90 billion in 1H 2015

In the first half of this year, Komerční banka experienced a dynamic growth in transactions executed using its cards. The year-on-year increase was by 7% to a record CZK 90 billion. The largest part, more than CZK 57 billion, was made up of ATM withdrawals.

Jan Pokorný heads Structured financing at Komerční banka

Jan Pokorný, until last year Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna’s Chairman and CEO, was appointed as Executive Director for Structured Financing at Komerční banka as of 1 August 2015. His main responsibility will be to build and manage a platform focused on structured and club financing, export financing, and real estate and energy financing.

Fingerprints will log you into Komerční banka’s mobile banking

Just a fingerprint will now be enough for logging into Komerční banka’s Mobilní banka application easily and quickly. This new technological feature is now available for Apple handsets with iOS, namely the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. The password will still be needed to authorise transactions.

Komerční banka and Union of towns and municipalities continue to cooperate

Komerční banka (KB) and Svaz měst a obcí ČR [Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic] (Union) have entered into another three-year agreement on cooperation. The agreement seals the traditionally good relationships between the bank and the organisation that promotes the interests of Czech towns and municipalities. Continued cooperation is expected to help local self-governments to develop, and to enhance their councillors’ knowledge of financing and bankers’ knowledge of public administration.

KB reports continued growth in number of clients, net profit increased by 4.0% year on year

Announcing its consolidated results as of 30 June 2015, Komerční banka reported strong volume growth for loans, deposits and clients' assets under management. The number of customers has continued to rise.

SEPA direct debit across Europe is extremely advantageous now

Charges for SEPA direct debit at Komerční banka are now extremely favourable. Komerční banka’s clients who are payees (billers) pay only CZK 145 for incoming SEPA direct debit, and the charge on the debtor’s side is CZK 195 regardless of the size of the payment. SEPA direct debit within Komerční banka and to/from its branch in Slovakia is also priced more advantageously. Komerční banka is the first in the Czech Republic to offer the SEPA direct debit service to the full extent.

A VŠE team wins the “Put your heads together” innovation contest this year

A Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze [Prague University of Economics, VŠE] team called Young Sharks is the clear winner of this year’s “Put Your Heads Together” contest focused on innovation projects. The winning project centred on a comprehensive communication strategy for the ‘youngsters’ segment, including new products, and also featured its own advertising video and leaflets. The winning team received vouchers for Electro World electronics worth CZK 10,000 for each student.