Komerční banka's Innovations win in Société Générale's global network

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Prague, 19 March 2013 – Komerční banka's innovations do not only win with clients but also in an internal comparison across Société Générale's global network. In the periodically held Group Innov'Trophies competition, the jury compared 1,200 innovation projects, short-listing 27 of them for the finals. Three projects nominated for the finals are among last year's innovations of Komerční banka.

This year's Group Innov'Trophies has been one of the most successful ever for Komerční banka. The following innovations were named among Société Générale Group's best innovations:

Video Banker

  • The Video Banker service makes it possible for clients to contact, on-line, KB’s relationship managers, who can recommend the best product and help the client to complete the on-line application for an account. To use the service, no special software has to be installed and clients need not book the time for their virtual meeting in advance. The service is available on line, 24 hours a day.

Risk Academy

  • Komerční banka's internal programme for employee training in risk management. The programme is based on the concept of “lifelong learning” and includes a series of on-site and e-learning courses geared towards improvements in risk management knowledge and skills.

Mobile and QR Payments

  • Mobile payments are an easy-to-use solution for payments for goods and services. The clients' payment card is integrated in their mobile handset, either directly in the SIM card or, in the case of iPhones, in an add-on accessory. Clients can pay this way at all POS that accept normal plastic contactless cards, by way of holding their handset near the payment terminal.
  • Payments based on QR codes for mobile telephones are an advanced innovation that greatly simplifies clients' everyday payments. It is enough to just take a photo of the QR code on an invoice or service bill, and the application will transmit it to a pre-completed payment order, the sending of which the client only confirms. Payment orders can be executed in a matter of seconds using this application.

In the finals, the Mobile and QR Payments project received in fact two awards: the expert jury voted it the second best innovation, and Société Générale's clients voted it the very best innovation.

“Payments using QR codes are a new feature in the Czech Republic; in spite of that, they already have attracted clients' considerable interest. QR codes are increasingly appearing on e-shops' websites and telecom and other companies' bills. Komerční banka is one of the first banks to introduce this support for QR codes, and clients appreciated this in their assessment by right,” said Mojmír Prokop, Multi-Channels manager.