What is RSS?

The technology known as RSS enables web users to subscribe to specific news feeds offered by RSS channels. The source of these news feeds usually appears on websites with content that is often added to and changed.

The software intended for work with RSS channels is known as an RSS reader. It can be separate specialised software, a function of a certain program (e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007) or a plugin used with another program. In modern web browsers RSS functions are integrated, and users can add RSS channels directly from the address bar.

If a certain website offers RSS channels, this is usually indicated with an icon linking directly to the URL (web address) of the source, which the user enters into the RSS reader. The reader then regularly checks the URL and displays new articles or other links.

How to subscribe to RSS news feeds from

In order to subscribe to a news feed from any of our RSS channels, simply click on the link to the selected channel on this page and subscribe to the news feeds of your choice.

In order to subscribe to RSS news feeds using the reader, simply follow the instructions for the program you are using.