• KB Bank Cheques

    Bank cheques issued by KB are always honoured and may be used for business and private payments.

Always honoured

Rest assured that cheques issued by KB are always covered.

No account number

Make a payment even if you do not know the beneficiary’s bank details.

Stop payment

Cancel a cheque easily in case it is lost or stolen.

Why KB?


Simply return the check if the transaction does not ultimately take place.

Immediate payment

KB will settle all valid cheques right away at any KB branch.

No limits

Amount is not limited in any way for account transfers.

How to get this product?

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

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About KB Bank Cheque

  • This product is intended for individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • Cheques are issued directly by Komerční banka, a.s. – it guarantees the cheque settlement 
  • The bank does not guarantee the cheque settlement, if it has been countermanded or reported as lost/stolen
  • KB Bank Cheques are available in the following currencies: CZK, CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK
  • KB Bank Cheque may be issued by means of a bank transfer from all types of current accounts – unlimited amount
  • Cheques issued on the basis of a client’s written order
  • Cheques are always covered – clients pay the cheque amount and fees at the moment it is issued for a specific beneficiary, bearer or applicant
  • Cheques may be to recipient’s address (mail or DHL)
  • Cheques may be returned to the bank is a contract is annulled or otherwise – funds are immediately transferred to an account or paid out in cash
  • Cheques may also be countermanded (stop payment) in case:
    • It is lost or stolen
    • After expiration of the period foreseen by law (funds are transferred to requestor’s account or paid out in cash after the stop payment is accepted by a foreign bank; after expiration of the period foreseen by law in case of cheques issued in CZK)

You might also like to know

  • KB Bank Cheques may be used for business payments
    • In case cashless payment is not suitable
      • For example, beneficiary’s bank details are not available
    • In case there is no will to use another means of payment
      • Such as letter of credit or bank guarantee
  • KB Bank Cheques may be used for other payments
    • Various liabilities of individuals
      • Magazine subscription
      • Tuition
      • Accommodation during seminars or registration fees
  • Valid cheque will ensure immediate payment in KB
    • At KB branches, provided all terms and conditions set down by the bank for the settlement of cheques are met
    • In other banks – in compliance with cheque regulations of relevant jurisdictions and business terms of the bank that settles the cheque in question

Important information for you

This form of payment is not suitable for net settlements – most banks charge a fee for cheque settlement, to be paid by recipient


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