• A Card

    Contactless embossed credit card with a bonus program, 1% to pension savings, and other benefits.

Easy payment

Make secure, quick, and free payments anywhere in the world.

Up to 250,000

Up to CZK 30,000 without proof of income and up to CZK 250,000 without security.

Free of charge

Pay CZK 3,000 or more a month and pay no account maintenance fees.

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Why KB?

Great deals

Get ready for many exclusive discounts with the VIP Sphere programme.

No interest

Benefit from grace period of up to 45 days.

Online payments

Secure online payments with 3D Secure.

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About A Card

  • Contactless embossed credit card intended for everyday POS payments, online payments, and ATM withdrawals
  • Quick, secure, and free card payments anywhere in the world
  • Credit limit of up to CZK 30,000 without proof of income and up to CZK 250,000 without security
  • Flexible repayment – benefit from the grace period of up to 45 days, with no interest payment
  • Revolving credit – the more you repay, the more you can use again
  • Get 1% bonus from each POS payment to your pension savings with KB Penzijní společnost
  • Credit account maintenance absolutely free if you pay at least CZK 3,000 a month with your card 
  • Students are only required to pay CZK 1,500 a month to get free credit account maintenance

You might also like to know

  • Take advantage of yearlong exclusive offers and discounts under the VIP Sphere programme in an extensive network of stores
  • Secure online payments with 3D Secure
  • Exclusive rewards and benefits, including a nonstop Alarm centre, under MasterCard® ELITE program
  • Benefit from generous assistance services and insurance programme:
    • Insurance of purchases
    • Warranty extension
    • Online purchase delivery insurance
    • Lowest price guarantee
    • Ticket cancellation insurance
    • Home Assistance (tel.: 272 101 030) – services for your home, in case of an emergency or need for repair, such as unlocking door
    • Lifestyle (tel.: 272 101 030) – restaurant/ticket reservations, theatre or movie times, delivery of presents and flowers, and personal protection services
  • Other benefits of A Card
    • 100% discount on your monthly fee for MůjÚčet Account and for G2 student account under the MojeOdměny concept (students aged 26 to 30 years)
    • Detailed overview of your card transaction with account statements and internet or mobile banking
    • Define individual limits for POS payments and ATM withdrawals
    • Change your PIN code in any KB ATM
    • Possibility to transfer funds from your credit card account to any CZK account
    • Optional Payment Protection Insurance
    • Optional Merlin insurance for payment cards and personal belongings

Important information for you

  • Requirements for fee refund
    • One incoming payment a month
    • Personal mortgage loan or credit card in KB
    • Savings or investment products in KB
  • Meet one requirement and get a 50% discount on your fee
  • Meet two or more requirements and your fee will be waived completely
  • For more information, see www.mojeodmeny.cz


Check out this model example for A Card.

Intended for

A Card is intended for individuals over the age of 18.

Specific conditions

Applicant must be a Czech citizen or person with permanent residence/residence permit in the Czech Republic.


Simply present your valid ID card.

Proof of income

No proof of income required for credit limit of up to CZK 30,000.


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.