• Android Pay mobile payments

    Android Pay is a simple and safe way of paying with a phone.


Tap. Pay. Done.


Nobody will ever learn you card number during payments.


Digitalize any contactless card in your Mobilní banka app.

No wallet

Pay at contactless terminals by tapping your phone.

Why KB?

You pay with your phone

Quick, simple and secure payments via phone.

In the Mobilní banka app

Simply digitalize your card in the Mobilní banka app.

You may change your card

Digitalize any contactless debit or credit card.

How to get this product?

In the Mobilní banka app, select the card for Android Pay payments.

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What is Android Pay?

Android Pay mobile payments allow you to digitalize any of your contactless debit or credit cards. Thanks to that, you may pay simply, quickly and safely with your phone that you always have on hand. What do you need before you start using Android Pay?

  • A mobile device with Android 4.4. operating system or higher and with support for NFC.
  • A contactless debit or credit card

How to start using Android Pay?

  1. Download or update the Mobilní banka app.
  2. Open the app and in the Payment cards menu, select a debit or credit card that you’d like to digitalize.

How to pay with Android Pay?

  1. Paying with Android Pay may be done simply and securely in places where you can pay contactless.
  2. Check the settings of your mobile phone and see if NFC is enabled.
  3. For payments under CZK 500, simply wake and tap your mobile phone to the contactless terminal. For payments over CZK 500, it is necessary to unlock your phone (PIN, gesture, finger print,…)
  4. You’ll see a payment confirmation on the phone display and as a notification.

Are Android Pay mobile payments safe?

  • You card number is not stored in your mobile phone, nor does the merchant see it during payment. Instead a unique digital card number is used.
  • For increased security, in some cases, you may be prompted to unlock your phone even for payments under CZK 500.
  • In the event of phone loss, Android Pay users can first try and find the location of their phone thanks to the “Find my device” function at www.google.com. It is then possible to lock the phone remotely with a new password or eventually fully erase it.
  • For stoplisting of your digital card, you may also contact our Card Customer Service line: +420 955 515 230.

Mobilní banka even safer

Now SECURELY TOGETHER currently in mobile app with security from IBM.


Accounts, Payments, and Payment Cards



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


If you aren’t able to find an answer for your question, call our Card Client Helpline (+420) 955 512 230 or your banker.

I was unable to digitalize my card.

Check if your card is valid, active and allows contactless payments.

Is it possible to digitalize more cards for Android Pay mobile payments?

Yes. In the Mobilní banka app, you can select any contactless debit or credit card. To select a default card for payments, it is necessary to install the Android Pay app.

I was unable to pay at a store.

Check if your phone supports NFC technology and that you have this feature enabled in your settings.

It is also necessary to select Android Pay as the default payment application in the phone settings, usually marked as “Tap and pay”.

Is it necessary to unlock the phone for each payment?

With some mobile phones, you may need to unlock it before every payment. This depends on the mobile device manufacturer.

What PIN should I enter in case this request is displayed on the payment terminal?

Enter the same PIN into the payment terminal, just as you would when paying with your plastic card.

What is the limit set for the digital card in the phone?

The payment limits are the same as for your plastic card.

Is it possible to pay with the digital card on the internet?

At the moment this is not possible but we do expect the option to pay on-line on the internet or in mobile applications.

Is it possible to withdraw money from an ATM with the digital card?

At the moment, this functionality is not supported.