• MůjÚčet Gold Account

    An account for everything you need in life, without worries, with a Gold card and other services for your comfort.


Make free withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Manage your finances using your computer, tablet, mobile or landline.

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High standards

Take advantage of travel insurance with extensive coverage for the whole family.

No fees

All domestic electronic payments free of charge.

Why KB?


A private bank advisor will always be ready to help.

Travel without worries

You will receive luggage insurance and insurance against flight delays.

Enjoy our assistance

We also offer nonstop assistance services for motorists.

How to get this product?

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Complete an application and a courier will deliver the given contract to your home.

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What is MůjÚčet Gold Account

  • An account for everything you need in life without worries
  • Current account in CZK with electronic statements
  • Gold card with global travel insurance
  • Control your account online, by phone or mobile
  • All domestic payments in CZK to CZK account entered online or by mobile
  • All domestic incoming payments in CZK to current account in CZK
  • Authorized overdraft
  • Extra services based on your choice

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With your Gold card you automatically get free withdrawals from all ATMs, both of KB and others, including abroad. You will also get

  • Travel insurance with above-standard coverage for card holders and their family members
  • Luggage insurance, including coverage for flight delays, liability and legal help
  • Nonstop assistance services for motorists both in the Czech Republic and Europe
  • Secure online payments thanks to the 3D secure service

The MůjÚčet Gold package will also allow you

  • To set up, change or cancel the authorized overdraft
  • Free creation of standing payment orders or direct debit incl. SIPO in your bank within 3 months from the creation of your account
  • Transfer of your standing payment orders from your original bank and closing the account in the original bank at your request

If you are not satisfied with the MůjÚčet Gold package during the first six months, we will refund the account fees to you, more information is available at www.kb.cz/GUS.


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