• MůjÚčet Junior Account

    Teach your kids how to manage money with account and card.

Payment card

With own picture or special design from gallery.


Internet and mobile banking for child and legal guardian.

Free of charge

Card and KB withdrawals for free.

Pocket money

Send pocketmoney to child account.

Why KB?

In the picture

As a statutory representative, you have active access to the account via Internet banking and mobile banking.

Expenses under control

Sending SMS notifications and the account balance preview in ATMs is free for your child.

Money management

Teach your children responsibility and money management skills.

How to get this product?

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At a branch

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What is MůjÚčet Junior Account

  • Set of account for children 6-15 years old
  • Maintanance of the account until 18 years of a child
  • Payment card with own design for free. Check it out on www.mojekarta.cz
  • KB withrdawals for free
  • Mobile and internet banking for child and also for legal guardian
  • Maintanance of account and incoming transaction for free

You might also like to know

Account can be opened only with birth certificate of a child.

Child cannot do any standing orders or foreign payments.

Owner of the account is legal guardian.


Get two identity documents ready, such ID card and driver’s license and a birth certificate of a child.

Specific conditions

Child’s legal guardian must be 18 years of age or older.

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