• MojeMobilní karta

    Leave your wallet at home. Try out the new generation of payments – with a payment card in your mobile.


The most modern payment method.


You can choose the maximum amount that can be paid without entering the mPIN.


As an action offer, using your card is FREE for one year.

How to get

Via internet banking or at a branch.

How to activate

You can activate your card directly in your mobile.

How to pay

Automatic payment, via widget, or directly in the app…

Why KB?

The best Mobilní banka on the market

Which now also supports payments at terminals of third party merchants.

Overview of all transactions

Directly in the app, and immediately after payment.

All at a single place

You don't need many diverse applications to keep track of your finances.

How to get this product?

Simply login into internet banking and set up your mobile card – it's simple and takes less than 5 minutes.


Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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About MojeMobilní karta

  • A supplementary VISA debit card issued for your account
    • a card which is issued exclusively for mobile phones running Android 4.4 or above that support NFC
    • for everyday quick and safe payment at merchants equipped with a contactless payment terminal
    • wide range of options and personalization (design your card, name it, set its limits…)
    • the user can choose his/her own limit for mandatory entry of the mPIN = maximum safety
    • two types of widgets that can be used in the mobile device
    • payments can be made by simply activating the screen, from the widget, or directly from the Mobilní banka app

Pairing the app

To activate MojeMobilní karta, it is necessary to set up payments to any account. This setting is available in the internet banking.


Applicants for this product must be at least 15 years old.

The list of supported devices is available on the Visa website.

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