• Cash Pooling

    Optimization of interest income and expenses and the ideal distribution of financial resources.

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Get higher interest income on your accounts.


Choose notional or real Cash Pooling according to your needs.

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Finance your subsidiaries efficiently.

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What is Cash Pooling

  • optimization of interest income and expenses
  • ideal distribution of financial resources for effective cash-flow management
  • intended for business entities authorized to do business in the Czech Republic as well as municipalities, regions and their public-benefit organizations

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  • Types of Cash Pooling:
    • Notional Cash Pooling
      • focused primarily on maximizing interest incomes and minimizing interest expenses, while maintaining the financial independence of individual accounts
      • suitable for companies and institutions with decentralized financial management which require maintaining maximum autonomy of connected accounts
      • notional Cash Pooling can be used by separate legal entities as well as economically connected groups having their accounts with KB
      • no physical transfer of funds from connected accounts, only netting of their balances – therefore no merge of funds
      • accounts in various currencies can be connected to one notional Cash Pooling by which a multi-currency structure is created
    • Real Cash Pooling
      • determined for separate legal entities as well as economically connected groups having their accounts with KB
      • a real transfer of funds between the central and connected accounts – all connected accounts are zero/balanced at the end of every working day
      • a solution enabling the company to fully control the finances in the Cash Pooling structure
    • International Cash Pooling
      • real, cross-border, mono-currency Cash Pooling designed for economically connected groups with significantly centralized financial management
      • it enables effective management of cash flow of transnational companies
      • accounts connected to international Cash Pooling are automatically zero-balanced and the funds are centralized on your account in KB
      • all standard services available for current accounts can be provided

Types of Cash Pooling

KB offers Cash Pooling as a domestic or foreign solution, real or notional, mono- or multi-currency.

Cash Management

Please contact our Cash Management specialists, who can prepare a model for the financial situation that would arise if your company’s accounts were included in Cash Pooling.