• Cash Pooling

    Optimize your overall interest expense and income and handle your intracompany funding efficiently.

Better rates

Maximise interest received from your deposits.


Select either Real or Notional Cash concentration, as needed.

Peace of mind

Keep track of your company’s liquidity.


Finance your subsidiaries efficiently.

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Completely online

Account balance information is in one place online.

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Benefit from an extensive range of additional services for cash pooled accounts.


Adapt the Cash Pooling to suit in your needs.

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Cash Pooling Types

We offer domestic and international Cash Pooling, Notional and Real, single or multi-currency.


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


About Cash Pooling

  • It allows optimization of interest expense and income
  • Ensure ideal distribution of financial funds with a view to effectively manage your cash flows
  • It is intended for companies domiciled in the Czech Republic, as well as for municipalities, regions, and non-departmental public bodies

You might also like to know

  • Basic Cash Pooling types:
    • Notional Pooling
      • Cash Pooling method that primarily focuses on maximizing interest income and minimizing interest expense, while ensuring that balances remain segregated on individual accounts
      • It is suitable for companies and institutions with decentralized financial management that require that funds are segregated
      • Intended for independent legal entities as well as related parties (groups) with accounts in KB
      • Financial funds within individual accounts are not physically transferred between accounts. Account balances are aggregated to establish net position for which interest is calculated
      • Notional Pooling may include accounts maintained in different currencies, thereby creating a multi-currency structure
    • Real Cash Pooling
      • Intended for independent legal entities as well as related parties (groups) with accounts in KB
      • Automated sweeping of balances to a single account. Apart from central account all other cash pooled accounts are left with zero balance at the end of each working day
      • It allows companies or group of companies to fully control financial funds within the pool structure
    • International Cash Pooling
      • Cross-border, single currency cash concentration intended for groups of related companies with highly centralized financial management
      • Efficient cash flow management for companies on an international level
      • Automated sweeping of balances from the cash pooled accounts – financial funds are transferred to a single KB account
      • All services available for current accounts are also available for accounts included in the Cash Pooling scheme