• Foreign Payment Transaction

    Cashless payments in CZK or foreign currencies abroad and foreign currency payments to other banks in the Czech Republic.


Reliable cashless payment transactions abroad.


No need to wait – payments sent and credited throughout the day.


Set up a standing order for foreign payments.


Make your payments convenient with KB direct banking solutions.

Why KB?

No waiting

Your incoming payments from abroad are credited during the day.

No limits

Just select a foreign bank – we will make sure your payment gets there.

Simply ask

Benefit from online telephone support for submitting payments.

How to get this product?

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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About Foreign Payment Transactions

  • Execute cashless transfers of funds:
    • In CZK and foreign currencies abroad
    • In foreign currencies to another bank in the Czech Republic
  • Available to anyone with a current account in KB intended for payments
  • Payment to/from our branch in Slovakia with special rates
  • Payments abroad may be executed in the following currencies:
    • Other currencies (approximately 110 currencies to 160 countries worldwide) under specific terms – payments may only be submitted on a paper form at KB branches
  • Make payments as follows:
    • Online
    • Imported batches via direct banking solutions – Profibanka, Direct Channel or MultiCash KB application
    • Standing orders for payments abroad
    • Different types of fees and processing deadlines – for an overview, click here
      • FEE TYPESfees for the payment execution are charged based on the selected fee type
        • BEN – all fees paid by the creditor (cannot be used for payments within EEA)
        • SHA – debtor pays any fees of the debtor’s bank, with creditor paying all fees of the creditor’s bank or correspondent banks, as appropriate
          • This type is mandatory for payments to EEA countries in currencies of EEA countries, provided currency exchange transaction is not involved
        • OUR – all fees paid by the debtor (cannot be used for payments within EEA)
      • DEADLINESpayment credited to an account of creditor’s bank
        • STANDARD
          • Within three Business Days after the payment order date
          • For EUR payments to EEA countries – within one Business Day after the payment order date
        • EXPRESS
          • Within one Business Day after the payment order date
          • Not available for AUD, CNY, and JPY due to different time zones
        • URGENT
          • Same Business Day as the payment order date
          • Only available for the following currencies: CZK, DKK, GBP, CHF, EUR, NOK, RUB, SEK, and USD

You might also like to know

  • Information about incoming foreign payments via payment advise before such payment is credited – in case you use KB direct banking solutions
  • Information about any payments you make via payment advise with payment information
    • For payments submitted on a paper payment order form – payment advise will be sent by mail
    • For payments submitted via KB direct banking solutions – payment advise is available via direct banking 
  • Benefit from online telephone support for submitting payments
  • Special rates for payments made to/from our branch in Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • We recommend that you use the IBAN account number format and BIC (SWIFT) code in your payment order. The payment processing will be faster.
  • Foreign payments in CZK / foreign currencies and foreign currency payments from other Czech banks are credited without any undue delay during the due date
  • Special low fees for first foreign payment (up to CZK 10,000) each month received by individuals – as small payment

Tips and trick

  • Do you need to transfer foreign currency (e.g. USD) to another Czech bank? Complete a foreign payment order.
  • Payments abroad may be sent as urgent. Such payments will be delivered to the creditor on the same business day, subject to a fee specified in the Pricelist.

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