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    Quick and reliable transfers of financial funds within the SEPA area.


No need to wait – payments are sent and credited throughout the day.

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Benefit from lower fees for SEPA payments.


Set up a standing order for SEPA payments.


Submit payment orders easily with KB direct banking solutions.

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We will transfer SEPA payments to any bank within the SEPA area.

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We provide online telephone support for SEPA payments.

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SEPA payments are as easy as domestic payment orders.

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All fees and prices are available in the KB Pricelist.


SEPA payments may also be used within KB.


SEPA payments are also available for banks within the SEPA area that are not SEPA reachable.


For SEPA payments, debtors and creditors pay fees to their respective banks.


SEPA payments are credited to creditor’s account on the next business day after the due date.


Use “Urgent payment” to ensure the funds are credited to creditor’s account on the same day.

SEPA Direct Debits in EUR

Cashless Euro payments initiated by the payment creditor (beneficiary) through creditor’s bank.


Foreign Payment Transaction

Cashless payments in CZK or foreign currencies abroad and foreign currency payments to other banks in the Czech Republic.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


About SEPA Payments in EUR

  • Payments in Euros within the SEPA area without any limitations of amounts
  • SEPA payments must meet the following requirements:
    • Payment in Euros without any limitations of amounts
    • Creditor’s/debtor’s account within a SEPA area country
    • Creditor’s account number entered in IBAN format
    • Amount transferred between the accounts in full
    • Debtor and creditor pay their respective banks’ fees (i.e. SHA/SLV fee type)

You might also like to know

  • SEPA is a Single Euro Payments Area
  • SEPA area comprises Member States of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein, as well as areas where EU treaties are applied and other countries that have voluntarily adopted the SEPA rules (Switzerland, Monaco, and San Marino)
  • All SEPA payments – i.e. EUR payments with SHA/SLEV fees to the SEPA area are subject to same fee – irrespectively of whether the creditor’s bank is SEPA reachable (i.e. whether it adopted SEPA rules); fees for all incoming SEPA payments subject to same rules
  • Payments must be submitted on a SEPA payment form
  • Payment is credited to creditor’s account on the following Business Day after the due date
  • SEPA payments may be submitted until 8:30 pm – with due date on the given day
  • It is possible to include additional information in a payment order – such information will be transferred in the original form to a creditor – for payments to a SEPA reachable banks (i.e. banks that adopted SEPA rules)
  • SEPA payment orders available as nonrecurring orders or it is possible to import batches with KB direct banking solutions – MojeBanka Business, Profibanka, Direct Channel or KB MultiCash

Tips and trick

  • Creditor’s account number must always be in the IBAN format
  • No need to enter the BIC / SWIFT code of the creditor’s bank for SEPA payments to the SEPA area
  • SEPA payments within the bank are newly available – with special low fees, similarly as SEPA payments to our Slovak branch
  • It is possible to enter more data for SEPA payments
    • If your business partner’s bank is SEPA reachable, it is possible to use not only the E2E reference field to identify your SEPA payments, but newly also the Purpose field
    • For detailed identification of the debtor, creditor, original debtor and final creditor, you can use identification of an individual or organisation
    • Organisation may newly be identified with a BIC / SWIFT code as well
  • SEPA payments are available as urgent – urgent payments in Euros may be submitted to 2:00 pm; however, it will not be possible to transfer additional information to creditor’s bank after 11:00 am – urgent payments are subject to surcharge specified in the Pricelist