• Municipality Package

    Combination of financial products and services for effective management of municipalities’ finances.


Set up the package exactly the way you need it.


Save time and money with discounts and benefits included in the package.


Gain 24/7 access to your accounts with direct banking.


Earn better returns on your funds.

Why KB?

Get benefits

We offer other competitively priced products to local government representatives.

Pick and choose

We will put your package together exactly the way you need it.

Smooth out your cash flow

We will help you manage temporary cash flow deficit.

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About Municipality Package

  • Combination of financial products and services for effective of municipalities’ finances, fully customizable in line with your needs and wishes
  • Standard banking services plus many useful optional products are available
  • Benefit from continuous access to your bank with direct banking
  • Save money with special discounts and benefits and lower interest rate on authorized overdraft
  • Keep your cash flow smooth with authorized overdraft
  • If you buy Municipality Package your head of regional government, mayors, and councilmen can purchase a competitively priced package of services for individuals
  • Standard offer includes:
    • CZK current account
      • Opened and maintained free of charge
      • Free monthly bank statements – electronic or by post
    • One direct banking product free for one year
      • PC banking Profi Banka
      • Internet banking MojeBanka, MojeBanka with Direct Channel
      • Telephone banking KB Expresní linka

You might also like to know

  • Optional product offering includes the following:
    • Notional cash pooling – allows you to make efficient use of your working capital by offsetting debit positions with credit positions on various accounts you hold with us
    • Term deposit in CZK or EUR / USD – one-off deposit for a fixed term, with fixed maturity or automatic renewal
    • Automatic overnight deposits (ATVIS) – overnight deposits created automatically from excess funds in your current account after the settlement of all transactions of the day
    • Authorized overdraft
    • Amundi CR Mutual Funds – invest your free cash flow and earn return
    • Lending – loans are available under at better rates
    • MůjÚčet – for employees and management
    • Employee benefits programme – competitively priced current accounts, pension fund contributions , and life insurance are available for your employees
    • Lease financing – Leasing of vehicles, transportation or construction machinery, technological equipment, and real property
    • Insurance with Komerční pojišťovna, a.s.

Intended for

Local government entities: regions, city councils, municipalities and their associations.

What is in it

Take advantage of optional services which can be included with our standard services.