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Accounts and Payments

Complete overview of products and services included in the section Accounts and Payments

This page contains an overview of all the products and services designed for companies with a turnover under 60 million by Komerční banka. The product and service overview is arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Agreement on Administration of a Purchase Price

    Are you purchasing or selling some real estate and would like to have certainty that the money will be paid out in due manner? The principle of the agreement is simple: the buyer comes up with the purchase price in the agreed amount and the bank accepts this amount into its administration and, under the agreed terms and conditions, pays it out to the seller.

  • Bank Cheque Issued by KB

    Choose a secure method of settling commercial payments or private liabilities. Komerční banka guarantees cashing of the cheque, so both the recipient and the payer enjoy certainty. We issue bank cheques in several currencies.

  • Business Gold Card

    A prestige card for managers with travel insurance for the whole family and assistance services for motorists. In addition, with a Gold Card you can make free withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic.

  • Business Silver Card

    A payment card with travel insurance and assistance services for upper management. An ideal payment tool for keeping tabs on company expenses. And there is naturally the option of setting individual transaction limits.

  • Current Account for Capital Composition

    Prior to their establishment, trade companies are designated a Current Account for Capital Composition for the purpose of fulfilling their statutory obligations.

  • Current Account in a Foreign Currency

    If you would like to make use of all of the products and services offered by Komerční banka, set up a Current Account in a Foreign Currency. You can use the current account to deposit funds and to execute cash and cashless payment transactions. A Current Account in a Foreign Currency is offered in the following currencies: AUD, BGN, CAD, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, CHF, JPY, NOK, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, TRY and USD.

  • Current Account in CZK

    If you would like to make use of all of the products and services offered by Komerční banka, set up a Current Account in CZK.  You can use the Current Account to deposit funds and to execute cash and cashless payment transactions, especially in CZK. It allows you to enjoy related products and services offered by KB, including an authorised overdraft of up to CZK 3 million.

  • Current Account for Deposits with Notaries, Advocates, Court Executors, Current Account for Notary Legal Fees

    To separate own business funds from any funds received from clients into custody.

  • Direct Channel

    Direct channel allows you to simply and quickly send payment orders and download bank statements directly in the environment of your accounting systemThis is a simple and effective supplement to the MojeBanka service. An up-to-date list of accounting systems which Direct Channel is fully integrated into can be found here.

  • Domestic Cashless Payment Transactions

    Quick, convenient, reliable, and diverse – these are the key benefits of domestic cashless payment transactions. It will allow you to execute payment orders, direct debits, express and irrevocable payments in CZK, standing orders, SIPO payments, or arrange direct debits.

  • Domestic Cash Payment Transactions

    At Komerční banka branches, you have the possibility to deposit and withdraw cash in CZK and selected foreign currencies. You also have the possibility to execute foreign exchange transactions even if you are not a client of Komerční banka.

  • Dynamic Card

    An electronic payment card designed for cash withdrawals and payments anywhere in the world. It also comes with a discount on fuel.

  • e-Card

    A virtual payment card for your internet purchases.

  • Expresní linka

    Communicate with us securely and conveniently by telephone! Telephone banking will allow you to carry banking transactions via the 955 559 559 line. Whenever and wherever – we are at your service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

  • Expresní linka Plus

    Thanks to Expresní linka Plus, you can enjoy fast access to information about your account on top of the Expresní linka service, even on your computer. You also have the possibility of downloading electronic statements or arranging a meeting at the bank.

  • Foreign Payment Transactions

    Execute your foreign payments in quick, secure, and reliable manner with Komerční banka. Benefit from the foreign payment transactions and place nonrecurring/standing payment orders to foreign countries, or make foreign payments in currencies not listed in the list of FX rates.

  • Cheques for Collection

    Komerční banka mediates collection of cheques payable in any domestic or foreign bank. The service is available to KB clients and other cheque holders.

  • Immediate Payout of Checks from Other Banks to the Debit of Loro Accounts Held with KB

    Komerční banka will arrange for the immediate cashing of cheques issued by other banks, issued to the debit of loro accounts held by KB. With this product, you can hedge against exchange rate risk and be certain that the cheque will be paid out immediately regardless of the amount of the cheque.

  • Immediate Payout of Cheques Made out in a Foreign Currency

    Komerční banka cashes certain foreign cheques for its clients and cheque holders who are not its clients immediately upon presentationThe quality of the cheque and KB’s terms and conditions for cashing of foreign cheques are decisive for cashing of the cheque.

  • KB Deposit ATM

    Except to standard services as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry or mobile services enables cash deposit in KB current account using a debit card issued on this account.

  • KB Deposit Card

    A solution for your cash deposits.

  • KB eTrading

    Modern electronic applications for currency transactions, currency hedging and term deposits.

  • KB Private Cheques

    KB Private Cheques are intended for anyone interested in issuing cheques. We issue to clients private cheques for all types of current accounts.

  • Mobilní banka

    Do you have a smart phone connected to the internet? Then you can use Mobilní banka, whose smart functions and user friendly operation will surely be appreciated by you. Thanks to Mobilní banka, you will always have important telephone numbers at hand, be able to find the nearest branch or ATM or be able to simulate a mortgage or loan.

  • MojeBanka

    With internet banking you no longer need to visit the bank; you can perform everyday banking operations securely on-line at any time of day or night. MojeBanka utilises an advanced security solution based on electronic signature standards.

  • MojeBanka Business

    MojeBanka Business – a modern Internet banking service from Komerční banka for simple communication with the bank. MojeBanka Business allows you to gain information about your accounts and to perform banking operations from the comfort of your own home or office at any time of the day or night regardless of branch opening hours. MojeBanka Business utilizes an advanced security solution based on electronic signature standards.


    KB MULTICASH is an international multi-banking system, which allows you to operate accounts held in various banks in the Czech Republic and abroad. Via this single application, you can communicate with the bank 24 hours a day, send the bank large volumes of payments, both domestic (including express payments) and also foreign payments (express and urgent payments), conveniently and in an automated manner, as well as gaining statements from the bank and debit and credit advice about payments just now being cleared on-line.

  • MyCard

    With the MyCard service you can create a unique design for your company cards.

  • Profi Account

    Business Account, which you can set up according to your needs. Let do your business easily with products and services of Profi account.

  • Profi Account for Housing Cooperatives and Flat Owners Associations

    With Profi Account, you gain products and services for easy management of your finances. Under the MojeOdměny scheme, we will refund you 25% of the account maintenance fee each month.

  • Profi Account for Start Up Entrepreneurs

    Attractive account for starting your business which you can set up according to your business needs.

  • Profibanka

    Profibanka PC banking is a KB direct banking product that you can use to comprehensively address your company’s requirements in the field of payment transactions. Operation is very simple and intuitive. The service uses an advanced security solution based on electronic signature standards.

  • Profi Card

    A payment card for employees. An ideal payment tool for keeping tabs on company expenses. And there is naturally the option of setting individual transaction limits.

  • Profi Merlin

    Profi Merlin is insurance that protects you all around the world against the consequences of misuse of your payment card in the event of its loss or theft. This insurance covers other payments cards issued in the Czech Republic as well as personal items, documents, keys, mobile telephones or purchases paid for using a KB card.

  • SEPA payments and direct debit in EUR

    SEPA is a single area for payments and Direct Debit in euros within the SEPA area.


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