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Employee Motivation

This list contains an overview of the products and services included in the Employee Motivation section of Komerční banka. The product and service overview is arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Programme Partners

    Programme Partners is intended for your employees. Motivate your employees and offer them an advantageous individual solution for their personal financial requirements. This will save your company time and money thanks to cashless transfer of salaries to your employees’ accounts at KB.

  • Supplementary Pension Savings

    Supplementary pension savings allow you to maintain your standard of living when you are no longer economically active. You can save in participating funds of the Third Pillar and thus significantly reduce the chance of any surprises caused by your retirement, at least as far as finances are concerned.

  • Vital Programme

    The Vital Programme is an advantageous means of motivation for your employees and your company. The Vital Programme allows your employees to choose from two types of life insurance. The Vital Programme will also reduce your company's tax base by the contributions paid to employees without limitation.


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