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Supplementary Pension Savings

Don’t settle for half-pension

Supplementary Pension Savings are intended for:

  • all adults regardless of nationality or citizenship

Characteristics of Supplementary Pension Savings:

Supplementary Pension Savings (Third Pillar):
  • Allows for long term savings with state support with the goal of contributing to financial well-being at the retirement age
Advantages of Supplementary Pension Savings:
  • this is an instrument intended for long-term regular savings managed by KB PS
  • government contributions and tax deductions depending on your own contribution
  • Employers can contribute to their employees’ pension savings account, up to CZK 30,000 per year per employee these contributions are not subject to health and social insurance payments

Parameters of Supplementary Pension Savings:

  • Contributions of the participant and contributions from the employer or the state, if applicable, are deposited on the participant's pension account.
  • Saved resources are invested via various participating funds in accordance with the savings strategy selected by the participant.
  • Participating funds:
    • KB dynamic participating fund by KB Penzijní společnost, a.s.
    • KB balanced participating fund by KB Penzijní společnost, a.s.
    • KB conservative savings participating fund by KB Penzijní společnost, a.s.
    • KB mandatory conservative participating fund by KB Penzijní společnost, a.s.

Strategy of Supplementary Pension Savings:

  • Resources on the participant's account are invested in accordance with the selected savings strategy. KB PS recommends using the life cycle strategies for simplicity and security of savings. The life cycle strategy automatically divides the participant's financial resources into individual participating funds depending on the number of years remaining until retirement. As the retirement age draws nearer, the representation of the conservative participating fund increases in all life cycle strategies.
  • The savings strategy recommended by KB CS is always based on the needs and requirements of the participant.
  • KB Penzijní společnost offers three life cycle strategies:
    • Growth life cycle strategy
    • Balanced life cycle strategy
    • Conservative life cycle strategy
  • The participant can also select an individual savings strategy and control the representation of individual participating funds individually.
  • In 2015 all changes of savings strategies in KB PS are free of charge.

Options of Supplementary Pension Savings:

Early pension

Early pension is the legal option to utilize regular contributions from supplementary pension savings (SPS). Early pension allows SPS clients to retire sooner and under more advantageous conditions than the early pension option offered by the state.

This represents a regular payment provided to the client from his/her saved resources at the pension company, for up to 5 years before reaching their pension age (the age of women is computed identically as the age of men with the same date of birth).

Medical insurance is covered by the state during the whole early retirement. The duration of the early retirement is a so-called excluded period, i.e., it does not reduce the personal base of assessment used to calculate the state pension.

Pension insurance coverage

Clients have the exclusive option of insuring for the inability to pay the regular contributions due to illness, loss of employment or permanent disability. The insurance company will pay contributions to the client's pension account on behalf of the client up to the amount of CZK 15,000 per month.

Advantages of Supplementary Pension Savings with KB PS:

  • we are one of the largest companies on the pension product market
  • we manage assets exceeding a value of CZK 46 billion and have over 558 thousand active contracts
  • assets of all participant funds are managed by IKS (a member of Amundi, the leading asset management company in Europe)
  • adjustments of savings strategy is free of charge in 2015
  • Relax program – exclusive spa and recreational treatment offers from KB PS partners
  • bonus for KB clients: 1% of each payment made using a Lady Card or A Card credit card is credited to the client’s pension savings account at KB PS
  • each new client receives a Sphere discount card for free, allowing him/her to make full use of advantages and discounts at over 10,000 sales points all over the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
  • online access to pension accounts
  • pension insurance coverage available

How to obtain Supplementary Pension Savings?

  • contact your relationship manager
  • call the toll-free KB Info Line at 800 521 521

Use the Business Service KB, within which we are happy to advise you and help you set other products and services tailored to your business.


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