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Vital Programme

Life insurance for the employees, tax benefits for the company.

The Vital Programme is intended for employers:

  • for motivation of employees by increasing their financial reward
  • for use of advantageous tax conditions

Characteristics of the Vital Programme:

  • Vital Allegro
    • savings life insurance
    • high appreciation of the deposited capital
    • in the event of death of the insured, payout of the current value of the contract on the date of death
Tax savings for the employer
Salary Employer deductions for social security (25 %)
and health insurance (9 %)
Costs for increased financial reward
CZK 20,000 CZK 6,800 CZK 0
Increased salary to CZK 20,500 CZK 6,970 Salary increase = CZK 500
Costs for SS and HI = CZK 170
CZK 20,000 as salary +
CZK 500 as the employer's contribution towards life insurance
CZK 6,800 Contribution = CZK 500
Costs for SS and HI = CZK 0

Advantages of the Vital Programme:

  • for the employer:
    • motivation of the employees
    • increase in loyalty of the employees
    • decrease of the tax base by the contributions paid to employees without limitation
    • savings on health insurance and social security
  • for the employee:
    • a safe form of saving with guaranteed appreciation
    • financial security for loved ones
    • possibility of further appreciation in the form of profit shares
    • decrease of the tax base by the insurance premium paid by up to CZK 12,000 per year
    • contribution from the employer
    • employer contributions not subject to income tax up to the level of CZK 24,000 per year

The Vital Programme allows you to:

  • motivate your employees
  • increase the loyalty of your employees
  • achieve savings on tax, health insurance and social security

How to get the Vital Programme?

  • contact your relationship manager
  • call the free KB Info line on 800 521 521


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