Today, companies have to quickly respond to changing business environment. Therefore they need sophisticated solutions based on electronic communication to control their cash flow. Take advantage of our expertise, experience and individual approach to manage your business finances more efficiently.

Need to know what Cash Management services we offer?

Based on your business needs, KB will provide current accounts in Czech crowns and in 18 foreign currencies.

Thanks to the international presence of the Société Générale Group, we can open accounts for you in 50 countries worldwide.

In combination with direct channels you get a complete online overview of your accounts on a local and global level.

Speed, reliability and convenience. These are the key benefits of payment transactions executed via KB. You may use a wide range of additional services or execute operations in foreign currencies that are not listed on an exchange rate.

Do you need help with processing your cash? Thanks to a dense network of KB branches in the Czech Republic, you can handle your cash transactions efficiently and comfortably.

Increase revenues and prestige of your company by allowing customers to pay for goods and services by payment cards at point of sale terminals. You will be able to accept debit or credit cards of the widely used card associations issued by any bank in the Czech Republic or abroad. Should you use accounts denominated in foreign currencies (EUR, USD, GBP and RUB), you will certainly appreciate the opportunity to accept card payments in these currencies, while not losing money on the exchange rate differences. Card acquiring also eliminates unnecessary costs of holding cash in your premises and its depositing to a bank account.

Do you own or run an e-shop? Payment gateway from KB will allow you to receive payments for goods and services online. We accept majority types of credit cards - MasterCard, MasterCard Electron, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay and Diners Club / Discover.

Do you need to handle cash quickly and easily? If yes, than use the deposit ATMs - in one deposit you can credit your account with up to 300 000 CZK. For quick and discreet cash depositing in any currency, 200 KB branches are at your disposal to receive your cash in closed packages 24 hours a day.

With the growth of your company, the liquidity optimization is becoming increasingly important topic that requires a comprehensive solution. KB Cash Pooling allows to centralize balances from your company account’s overnight. The settlement of debit and credit balances on accounts connected to a Cash Pooling structure helps optimize interest costs. The value of your company can continue to grow.

In combination with direct channels, you get a complete online overview of all account balances in your company.

KB and SG Group offer several useful applications for easy administration of your accounts. Our cash management specialists will help you choose the right ones to meet the needs of your company. For easy communication with the bank, use the application MojeBanka Business which offers modern internet banking in versions for PC, smartphones and tablets.

For the complex needs of your company, a PC banking – Profibanka is at your disposal.

With MultiCash application, you get access to the international multi-banking system which enables you to operate accounts held in various banks.

The web-based information and transaction portal of group SG "Sogecash Web" lets you initiate transactions, view reports and manage all your accounts worldwide - anytime, anywhere.

Protect your PC from Internet threats. Use Trusteer Rapport - high quality and regularly updated antivirus program. Costs of Trusteer Rapport are paid by KB – it will thus be completely free for you.

Thanks to KB, you can benefit from the international presence of the Société Générale Group while administrating your corporate finances. SG Group operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. By using our banking network, you will simplify the management of financial flows of your accounts held abroad.

Thanks to our rich experience with multinational corporations, we are able to analyze daily operations of your company and customize solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether your business activities take place in the Czech Republic or abroad, you can fully benefit from the products and services that are continuously developed and adapted to your requirements. Contact our Cash Management Specialist and get the maximum from their expertise and international experience.

Company in the Czech Republic

An autonomous company in the Czech Republic (without a foreign parent company) is managed by the local management in the Czech Republic. It is usually an important local employer with local and foreign customers and suppliers. For its operation, such company uses several accounts, including accounts in foreign currencies. Operational and investment financing, including Trade Finance products (such as bank guarantees) is often put in place.

Typically used services:

Current accounts

  • Current account in CZK
  • Foreign currency current account

Payment cards

  • Debit Cards (direct corporate spending)
  • Credit Cards (suitable for management as well as employees, business trips, etc.)

Direct banking

  • Moje Banka Business (web-based application, typically used by company management while travelling, etc.)
  • Profibanka (PC-based application suitable for large number of transactions and data management)
  • Direct channel (direct connection with your ERP or corporate accounting system)
  • MultiCash (connected to the corporate accounting system, for companies using services provided by several banks)

Cash Pooling

  • Real – optimization of cash flow management
  • Notional – connection of subsidy accounts or accounts of associations
  • Cross-currency – interest optimization of all accounts irrespective of the currency

Cash Pooling became a standard requirement closely linked to financing when a company grows and develops. The KB Cash Pooling allows to cover various types of financing products under one framework agreement encompassing the limits from overdraft to bank guarantees.

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Branch of a foreign company in the Czech Republic

Subsidiaries of large companies are often controlled from abroad, but they also must take into account the local needs of the market. Therefore, the tailor-made cash management solutions are requested using versatile electronic banking systems or local banking platforms for both account management and reporting.

  • Sogecash Web (web-based tool for account management in various banks and countries)
  • SWIFTNet (host-to-host connection with the SG Group)
  • SWIFT communication (payment order MT101; statements MT940 and MT942)
  • XML communication (payment order pain.001, statements camt.053 and camt.052)

By means of these channels, the payments (in SWIFT or XML format for communication between the client and the bank) can be easily initiated, as well as domestic and foreign direct debits.

  • SEPA Payments in EUR
  • SEPA Direct Debits in EUR
  • Foreign payment transaction

Local subsidiaries - mostly manufacturers, retailers and service providers - use a diverse range of international and corporate cards, in specific cases they need to issue or receive checks. Especially retailers search for a strong bank partner offering card acquiring and cash collection services for their daily business.

International companies increasingly use Cash Pooling for the management of financial flows on a local and global level.

International company based in the Czech Republic

Czech companies with international presence (with branches in one region or worldwide) tend to have centralized management according to the degree of their development. This can have a form of intra-group financing optimization, Cash Pooling, or a shared service center assuring account management for all group members. Banking services for financial managers of international companies are therefore primarily based on effective cash management, professional services and products.

Typically used services

  • Universal direct banking
    • Sogecash Web (web-based tool for account management in various banks and countries)
    • SWIFTNet (host-to-host connection with the SG Group)
  • Domestic and international payments (in local, SWIFT or XML format)
    • Current account in CZK
    • Foreign currency current account
    • Domestic cashless payment transaction
    • Foreign payment transaction
    • SEPA payments in EUR
    • Sepa Direct Debits in EUR
  • Liquidity Management
    • Cash Pooling

Related products and services

  • Wide range of international corporate debit cards
  • In specific cases, issuing or accepting checks