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ČMZRB (Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank) is currently working on the largest support programme for entrepreneurs and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so far – the so-called COVID III programme. It is going to be a guarantee scheme available throughout the Czech Republic, with ČMZRB providing support in the form of guarantees for operating loans. Unlike before, substantial funds will be allocated to the programme (up to CZK 150 bn.).

Considering our long-term cooperation with ČMZRB relating to various forms of support offered to businesses, we are interested in cooperating on the envisaged programme as well; consequently, we are currently engaged in intensive negotiations with ČMZRB on the conclusion of a Contract on the Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Portfolio Guarantees under the COVID III Programme. The programme launch is subject to adoption of a specific act that governs a state guarantee for any guarantees provided by ČMZRB in connection with the programme. The legislation is currently in the process of approval by the Parliament of the Czech Republic. If everything goes as expected, it should be adopted in late April or early May 2020.

The official launch of the programme is expected to take place in the second half of May. Therefore, applications should be accepted approximately from 15. May 2020.

There will be a significant change, as the ČMZRB guarantee itself will be arranged by Komerční banka as part of the loan application process – i.e. it will not be necessary to apply for the guarantee separately, as was the case in connection with previous guarantee schemes.


Envisaged basic parameters of a KB loan and ČMZRB guarantee under the COVID III programme:

Eligible borrowers


  • Legal entities and entrepreneurs (individuals) in the Czech Republic with no more than 500 employees
  • Engaged in the following sectors: agriculture, forestry, production, trade, transportation, services, etc. (CZ-NACE A, B08, C, E, F, G, H, I, J, M, N, P, Q, R a S)

Loan purpose

Financing of operations (with a revolving option available)

Maximum loan amount

CZK 50 million

Loan currency


Loan to be arranged by

No later than 31 December 2020

Form of ČMZRB support

Loan guarantee

Maximum guarantee amount


Maximální výše záruky

90% of the guaranteed loan for applicants with up to 250 employees


80% of the guaranteed loan for applicants with 250 to 500 employees

Maximum term of guarantee

3 years

Other specific conditions

Guarantee validity is subject to disclosure of the borrower, including its beneficial owner



The aforementioned information is solely for indicative purposes; final and binding parameters of the COVID III programme will only be available after the relevant programme call is published and an agreement is executed by and between KB and ČMZRB.

Applications for financing with the ČMZRB COVID III guarantee will be accepted through an online form that is currently being prepared and that will be available here.

​KB – in cooperation with the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB) – continues to provide loans on preferential terms with M-Guarantee (programme Guarantee 2015 – 2023). For more information, visit our website.

In cooperation with the Farming and Forestry Relief and Guarantee Fund (Podpůrný a garanční rolnický a lesnický fond, a.s.; “PGRLF”), we are prepared to provide support to farmers in the form of loans with interest rate subsidies. For current information about individual programmes, visit the PGRLF website.

In compliance with the Tax Liberation Package adopted by the Czech Government in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak, KB allows clients, who are required to submit their financial statements to KB by 31 March 2020 in accordance with their respective loan agreements:

To submit their tax returns by 1 July 2020 – either in person or electronically using MojeBanka / Mobilní banka internet banking.

Guide for taxpayers in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

Current information for businesses in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

Current information for businesses in connection with the coronavirus pandemic 

ČMZRB guarantees for operating loans of commercial banks

In connection with our long-term cooperation with ČMZRB, we wish to introduce a new COVID Guarantee Expansion programme for our business clients, combining operating loans with a ČMZRB guarantee.

The new programme will make it easier for businesses to receive operational funding during these trying times, with contributions for interest payments in connection with new loans. Business clients can cover their expenses associated with acquisition of small tangible and intangible assets, inventory acquisition and financing, staff costs, energy costs, rent, settlement of trade payables (invoices), pre-financing of receivables, and other operating expenses.

Basic terms of the guarantee:

  • Up to 80% of the guaranteed loan principal

  • Guaranteed loan amount from CZK 10,000 to CZK 15 million

  • Solely for borrower’s operating costs

  • Term of guarantee not to exceed 3 years

  • Total amount of financial contributions for interest payments depends on the guaranteed loan amount: 30% for loans up to CZK 500,000 (max. CZK 150,000), 20% for loans from CZK 500,000 to CZK 1 million (max. CZK 250,000), and 15% for loans over CZK 1 million

Guarantee intended for:​
Small and medium-sized businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic (with the exception of the City of Prague and some specific activities).

Period for submitting applications: as of 2 April 2020

For more information about the programme, see the ČMZRB website.